Below are a few of my poems.  Most people hear poetry and think they can’t stand it.  Maybe mine will be the same to you.  Here is the thing with my poetry.  It is a moment in my life when I felt something strongly.  It might be a time in nature that inspired words.  It might be a phrase from a song or book that made me have a profound thought.  It could be anything. 

Please respect my copyright on these.  If you want to share them with someone please just direct them to this page.   

Sometimes I get too much in my head.  When I do my inner dialog isn't always positive.  I've had to learn how to change the way I talk to myself in these moments...

Winter Noises

Crackle and crunch of fallen leaves
The mother rests
Whisper and whoosh of the north wind
The mother sleeps
A silent hush as snow falls
The mother waits
Howl and rush of an icy winter storm
The mother slumbers
Sounds bounce and carry on frosty arctic air
The mother lingers
Endless icy days echoing into frigid silent nights
The mother loiters
Plop and squish slowly melts winters’ coat
The mother stirs
Drip, drip, drip of diamond-like ice melting
The mother stretches
Tweeting and lilting of songbirds return
The mother awakens
Gentle fresh breezes of spring dispel winter’s hold
The mother blossoms

A cacophony of activity heralds the end of the mother’s winter nap 

Haikus are supposed to be short poems in a certain rhythm that are typically nature based and have some sort of humor in them.  I enjoy writing them even though I have to be in the right frame of mine.  

Grains of Sand
Waves crashing on shore
Battering mans construction
Into grains of sand

Crescent Moon
There it is shining
A crescent moon peeking out
Just above his jeans

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