Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Where is My Crazy Brain?

In my family, there's a story my maternal grandmother was a descendant from a Native American.  I've heard this story my entire life.  It was interesting to get my DNA testing done and discover where my DNA comes from.  One of which was a slight indicator (1%) of Native American.

But of course, I have two parents.  My father is passed so we couldn't test him.  However, my mom did get tested and we recently got her results.  There was a lot of similarity in our DNA - as you would expect - but interestingly no Native American, not a trace of it.  This means if there was any (which with such a small percentage it's debatable) Native American in my lineage, it came through my father's family.

One of my sisters also got her DNA done and it was fascinating to see the differences between her and I even though we have the same parents.  We were able to see three areas which were not in my mother's DNA so they are good indicators of our father's DNA.

I find genetics a fascinating topic and if I were science minded (which I fail at completely) I would go into genetics.  Now it would be interesting to see how the other siblings compare.  I would also love to have my husband and all my daughters tested.  I just have to convince the people and find the money to do it.

We had our rummage sale over the weekend.  We got rid of several of the big items and some of the other stuff.  When it was done, Ken and Vicki filled up her Equinox and took a load to Goodwill.  During the sale, we only sold two big items which was disappointing.  Vicki suggested we post the other items on Facebook.  So I did.  We sold three more items through Facebook.  I have a number of them still posted and we will see what happens.

We still have items in my garage which will need to be loaded into her car and donated.  I'm hoping that will be on the agenda for this weekend.  There were a few other things which were higher dollar items I want to post to Facebook.  Additionally, I have a bunch of crocheting I want to do.  Preventing me is the need to work on my stories.  They've been taking over!  I love it but it can also be exhausting.

The next thing for me to prep for is to determine if I'm going to make the attempt do the vendor sale in November.  If I am, I need to make a lot more crocheted items - including a lot more variety.  The thing is I feel if I'm going to do the vendor's sale, I should be able to take credit cards.  This I'd have to figure out.  It's a lot of research and I'm not sure I want to hassle with it.  This is why I waffle.

If I do the vendor's sale, I could take my books and crocheting.  I might be able to put out my books and sell some with more profit going into my pocket.  It's definitely something to consider.

Right now on my couch, I have a dozen projects but have been so buy writing, I don't have time to crochet.  I may have to take a Saturday or Sunday to binge watch something and work on finishing projects.  I've been getting ideas and ideas and ideas on projects I want to work on so I know I'll be switching from writing to crocheting in the near future.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wayfarer Convictions

The new Wayfarer novel is published!!!  Wayfarer Convictions is available on Smashwords and Amazon.  It will be available in paperback by the end of the week (I hope) on Amazon.  It's available now on Createspace.

Here's a description:
Raiders, Tuscalains, and cold cases, Walter Farento, a services efficiency expert observes the Phoenix. Rhia fumbles for leads in her cold case, while the hacker eludes Jolen. Avin hunts a firebug. Sabotage threatens the assembly of a new station. A breakthrough in the cold case points to something deeper and more sinister. It all amounts to just another day on the job for Adara and Decker

Nealon and Adara’s other pilots arrive on Ravena station to help with assembling a new space station.  Walter inspects the different departments to determine how they are being efficient.  He can’t understand why no one is comfortable with him until Abby Sprit, Galvin’s great niece tells him for doubting Adara’s integrity. 

After a romantic interlude in a nebula, Adara and Decker discuss the million credit offer made by the Busalacchis for reparation.  A break in the cold case, Rhia must leave Paul and her children for a few days to interview key people.  A link between the hacker, cold case, and fire bug lead back to an unexpected source and old enemies.  

Buy it today on Amazon or Smashwords or Createspace 

Friday, August 11, 2017


I have two rants to vent today.  The first is silly and the second isn't and will involve adult language to illustrate my point.

Books are a passion.  Words and language I geek out about.  When I see what I consider an error, I like to let authors know.  I received a newsletter from an author.  In it was an example from one of her books which included the following sentence (similar don't want to infringe on her copyright):

She kneeled down in front of her friend.

Kneel is a regular verb but when you make it past tense, it is an irregular verb - meaning it doesn't typically add the -ed at the end of it.  Instead it become knelt.

I wrote the author a note to point this out to her - my thought was if I had something like that in one of my books, I'd appreciate someone pointing it out to me.  I never expected an answer but instead got one and was surprised by it.

She said the irregular verb was no longer being used - it was old fashioned.  She said the Brits use it but Americans don't.  In a way, she was somewhat snotty about it.  I did a google search, discovered it is starting to be acceptable in America.

My response - if you're going to write like that it's going to jerk me out of the story - which it did with the excerpt - and I'm going to be unhappy.  If you do it a lot I'm going to be unhappy with your book and stop buying your books.  I wrote her back, gave my opinion and didn't get a response - not a surprise.

To me this is a dumbing down of America.  It's okay if we have a good reason for making change but to me this just seems like someone couldn't remember to use an irregular verb.

On to my other rant.  Again - this one is going to have strong language and unpleasant language I normally would not use.  You've been warned.

Trolling through Facebook, I came across a Proctor & Gable (here's a link to where it is P&G The Talk ).  I found it moving and disturbing.  I posted it on my page because I wanted to talk about why this kind of talk is needed by a race.  I related to it as a female in our culture where we are treated like property and parents have the talk with their daughters about not going out alone etc.

On my Facebook page there was some discussion - a lot of discussion - about the video.  Some of the discussion was heated, some was discussion and debate which is what is needed to raise awareness.  And then it happened.

I have a lot of friends on Facebook and use it to promote my writing.  Generally, I'm pretty laid back about what people say and try not to get involved.  If you know me, you know I cuss - a lot.  My favorite cuss word is Fuck - FUCK FUCK fuckity fuck fuck.

Unfortunately, I dealt with some extreme unpleasantness.  A male (not a gentlemen by any standard) posted Fuck you and the name of one of the people in the discussion.  Now I know people say this in jest.  I was annoyed but wasn't going to respond or remove the post.  But he didn't stop there.  He went on to say things like he looked forward to the day when the minorities (note the plural) were all wiped out and the European descended people could rejoice over their annihilation.  And there he stepped so far beyond my line for tolerance, I deleted all of his hate speech.  I looked for a way to report him but couldn't find one.  I unfriended him.

On the discussion, I stated I wanted open discussion and wanted the debate but would not tolerate the hate he spewed.  He then messaged me, called me a stupid cunt and told me I should go kill myself.

I deleted his message.  Everyone has a right to free speech (though there are definitely limits on this) however, everyone also has the right to not hear the garbage this person was spewing.  I chose not to hear him, not to give him power over me with his hate and intolerance.  I chose to ignore his idiocy and not engage with him because there is no reasoning with an insane person.

By beliefs are simple.  If we know the individual - regardless of race, sexual preference, religion or any other stupid way you want to classify a person - if we KNOW - trully know an individual you will find the core beliefs are going to be close.  In general (yes, I'm aware we should avoid generalities) people want to have a good life, safe place to live, freedom to live their life their way, safety for their children or the children in their lives, they want love.

If we get to know the individual and look past those classifications, if we step away from generalities, we're going to find someone similar to us in a lot of ways.  If we find those similarities, we can then accept the differences between us.  Not just accept but embrace them.  If we were all the same, believed all the same, looked all the same, felt all the same it would be boring and tedious.  We are enough alike to connect and enough different to enjoy those differences.

As for the male who spewed his hate, if he thinks he hurt me, he didn't.  In truth, he pissed me off.  I wanted to reach through my phone and give him a piece of my mind for his small minded idiocy.  Words like he said, his truth - fine - but I don't have to accept or agree with them.  I don't have to allow him to spew his hate on my feed or in my messages.  In fact, his words are like he yelled fire in a crowded room - not acceptable and I think (though I'm not a lawyer) able to be prosecuted for spewing them.  I'm fairly certain I saw a news story where a woman was being prosecuted for telling her boyfriend to kill himself - and he did.

If you don't like what I've got on my feed - flip by it.  There will be something shallow or ridiculous in the next post.  Move on and get the hell over it.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Is Showering Really Necessary?

It's pay week so the normal chores have to get done.  Bills are paid.  Grocery list needs to be made.  I've got to go through Ibotta and Checkout 51 to see if we can get any rebates.  We need to make up a menu for the next two weeks.  I need to clip coupons.

Fortunately, I have  more time to do these tasks since I'm off this week.  Today I'm slow getting up.  I woke up sleepy despite going to bed early last night.  My plan for the day - pay bills (done), take a shower (I guess), check diggers hotline to see how far in advance we have to schedule, work on edits for Wayfarer Conviction, read the rest of the Wayfarer series, and remember to have meals.

Yesterday I got to tell my daughter I was at 90% for reading a book and she needed to go away while I finished.  She's usually the one telling me this - but she reads a kagillion books in a year.

My vacation is going well.  I've crossed off a number of things on my todo list and I'm still working on several of them.  Progress is good.  I've also had down time to veg.  I've worked on the business side of my writing / publishing stuff.  I've finished writing a novel and am shifting to the editing phase.

Next I want to do some crocheting.  I'm trying to decide if I will take a day to binge watch a series or movies while I crochet or if I'll do it during the evening.  I'll have to see how things go.  (This is more of my zen approach - sort of).

The hardest part for me during my vacation?  Remembering to shower and eat.  I get involved and forget to do both.  I've listened to a lot of music and read several books while I've been off - a few not the Wayfarer series.  It all goes to me taking time to take care of me and do the things I LOVE to do.

One downside to cleaning and organizing my craft room - I want to crochet and create.  I can feel that edging into my brain for let's do this now.  We were putting away some amazing yarn and I wanted to get my hands on it and make good stuff with it.  I can feel the switch from writing to crocheting coming.  However, I have a lot of editing to get done first.  Right now, characters are pushing on me more than the desire to crochet.  I'm going with the flow of things for now.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mid Week of Vacation

Monday was all about finishing writing Wayfarer 16.  Tuesday was all about organizing stuff.  Today is all about getting book work done.

Yesterday with help from two people, I got my craft room looking like a craft room rather than a storage locker.  I can find things and get to them more easily than before.  Things are labeled and stored appropriately.  I put several boxes of things out for our sale.  I weeded out some yarns (they went into my remnants crock).

Today I made some calls, paid some bills, and worked on the computer.  I updated my spreadsheets.  It doesn't sound like a lot but it's time consuming.  I got my sales spreadsheet caught up with the change in the month.  I have to look at the vendors I sell through and see what sales were.  Depending on the vendor depends on the ease of doing this.

When I'm done on the computer, I think I'm going back to reading.  I started the Wayfarer series and am working my way through them so as I edit, I can make sure the flow is right and refresh my memory on characters, story lines and such.

Many things have gotten checked off my todo list and I'm happy with the progress.  I've gotten covers made for some of my novels and I'm working on editing.  Fingers crossed I'll be able to get Wayfarer Convictions out this week.  Then I start the process all over for the next one.

I have all these ideas floating around in my head for crocheting.  I'm hoping to get to some of them this week.  I'll see how my time goes.  Tomorrow is pay day for me, so more bill paying and computer work but hopefully not as long as today.

I'm taking it one day at a time.  The progress made yesterday is good, though it did clutter up parts of my house as we shifted.  Now we have to make harder decisions about things.

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