Sunday, June 19, 2016

Collection of Four Scarves - Goodreads Giveaway!

I'm a crochet nut.  It is one of my favorite relaxing things to do.  In the last year or so, I've combined my love of crocheting with my love of writing and have published a number of projects.  In one book - I've gathered up four patterns for scarves.  I'm giving away three copies of this on Goodreads!

If you'd like a chance to win one of these, follow the link below and sign up for one.  Good luck!!!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Collection of Four Scarves by Eileen Troemel

Collection of Four Scarves


Released March 09 2015
Giveaway ends in 30 days (July 18, 2016)
3 copies available, 101 people requesting
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Time to be an Adult

Warning - this post contains a rant with foul language.  If you can't handle passionate beliefs and strong language, you may want to skip this post.

I'm really tired of the politics and fear mongering.  I am all for people having the right to own a gun or a dozen of them or more.  I'm not for people owning assault rifles.  An assault rifle is meant to do just that assault someone with a massive number of bullets in a short period of time.

When will we put on our big people panties and do what needs to be done instead of falling into the fear of OMG they (whoever the hell they are) want to do (insert bad thing here).

Guns - we have every right to have them.  Not because of the second amendment - read it people that was for a militia.  But our case law has moved us to having this right.  But like everything in life there needs to be reasonable limits.

I think most people can agree on a few basic things.  No one outside the military or the police need assault rifles.  They shouldn't be able to be purchased by Joe Blow who says he's going hunting.  If you want a gun, you should be willing to fill out a damn form and pass a background check.  If you can't one would assume you shouldn't be having a gun.  I see no problem with making people wait two days or so for a gun.  Because in real life, if you're pissed enough to kill someone there are a million ways to do so - knife, poison, cutting the brake lines.  (It's either scary I know this or it could be a side effect of being a writer).

As for race, sexual orientation, and anything else you can think of to discriminate against people with.  GET OVER YOURSELF!  The world is not out to fuck you.  If someone has more than you, work harder, work smarter, and do better.  Be the best person you can be rather than trying to drag the other person down.

You say life isn't fair.  Yup - you should have learned that before you got into high school.  Today may be that person's moment.  You moment was maybe yesterday or will be tomorrow.

Does anybody ever wonder if we all live and let live, we would be happier as a whole society?  I mean come on, do you really care what your neighbors are doing in their bedrooms or how they're praying?  Isn't it their responsibility to see to their own soul or sex life?  So long as they aren't hurting minors or asking you to watch what do you care?

Can we please get over the bathroom thing?  I don't now about men's bathrooms but women's bathrooms all have stalls to give privacy.  Once in a stall I'm not generally trying to see in the next one.  I don't really care who's in the next stall so long as they aren't coming in my stall.  So far no one has - well except my kids but that stopped a while ago.

Finally, (I swear this is the end of my rant) can we please punish people who do bad things.  Can we please stop raping victims who have already been raped by putting them through the ringer?  Can we please, pretty please send the message that if you prey on women, men or children, you will be punished.  Rape is a heinous crime.  It destroys lives more completely than murder.  Rape isn't "20 minutes of action."  It's a violation on the most intimate level which should be punished at the same level as murder is.

Maybe if we stopped judging each other, competing with each other, then we could fix the problems which are tearing us apart like poverty.  Instead of having the all for me attitude, we should be looking to improve all of us.

End rant for the moment - I really shouldn't read the news.

Wayfarer Aegis Giveaway!

Do you track your books on Goodreads?  I've got a new giveaway on Goodreads through the end of June!  Sign up for a chance to win a signed copy of Wayfarer Aegis.  This is the short story about Adara's time on the Aegis and how she rescued her fellow crew mates.

Here's a synopsis of the book:
Before the Pritchard and Decker, Adara had a contract on an explorer class ship. The ship was supposed to be her home, the crew her family. With a rigid by the books captain, Adara found herself written up, reprimanded and in danger of losing her contract. Still she forms bonds with people on the crew. Carving out a niche, she finds a balance until fate intervenes with a deadly asteroid shower. 

There are five copies I'm giving away of Wayfarer Aegis!  Sign up today!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Checked Off

Last night as I'm trying to go to sleep, all I can think about is the scenes which are coming up in my new novel.  In my head, I've mapped out the rest of the book.  It will be interesting to see if I follow what I mapped out or if my characters will derail me.

Today I'm hoping to work on the list of things I need to get done.  Ken did the grocery shopping and I did the rebates etc once I got up.  In coupons we saved over $12 and in rebates we saved over $5.

Once the coupons were done, I made fruit salad while Ken got lunch in the oven.  Vicki got me a new purse so I swapped out purses today.  Normally Vicki swaps my purses for me but I did it this time.  She'll probably steal my purse next time and reorganize it.  But this was on my list.

I was able to get half the scarf done last night.  I'm hoping to finish it today when Ken and I watch Criminal Minds.  Then it's a matter of taking pictures and sending them to the editor.  Then I cross my fingers and hope they want to include it in their issue.

This still leaves me a few smaller tasks.  As I was waking up this morning, I was thinking about the wedding gift I need to make.  I think I've figured out what, how many of each and possible design for each item.  I'm looking forward to creating these and hope I can get the materials prepped for the project today yet but time is my enemy.

From my list, I've managed to finish 13 items but still have 5 items on the list.  It's already 11 in the morning so I don't know if I'll get them all done today.  However, I'll keep working on them this week.  I'm trying to balance out writing with all of its deadlines with crafting which also has deadlines.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Coupons, Rebates, Errands, and a Dozen Other Things

Last night after a rough week for me, I started thinking about all the things I need to get done.  I've had two requests for possibly paid writing assignments, as well as a number of errands to run today.  My brain was going a mile a minute so I did what I always do.  I made a list.  I also set my alarm.

I hate setting my alarm on the weekend because I hate mornings.  Mornings shouldn't start until noon but that isn't how the world works.

This morning I woke up at 3:30 in pain (no news there).  It was too early to take my daily meds.  I tried to go back to sleep and only managed to doze.  When my alarm went off, I took my meds and refused to get up.  My brain simply wouldn't function enough to be upright.

However, I was up, showered, and dressed by 8:15 at which time I hit the computer.  I paid bills yesterday but I had a bunch of other things to do.  I've gotten six things of my long long list done this morning.  Actually as I look at my desk, I've gotten more because I've also started a grocery list.

I need new cartridges for my printer so I ordered stuff online to pick up in the store.  I have to give them an hour.  In that hour, I'm hoping to check off a couple of other things from my to do list.

One of the writing assignments is an editor wants to see one of my crochet patterns in different pictures.  Unfortunately, I've given away the item so I can't just snap new pics for her.  I have to make a new one.  I've already had two people offer to take the item when I'm done with it so that's good.  I need to figure out colors - need two.  I'll look at the pattern and see what yarn I used before and then I'll hit my stash.  If I remember correctly, the pattern only took a couple of nights so I'm hoping I can finish it quickly in order to take the requested pictures.

For the other writing assignment, I have to get a rough draft done and off to the editor in a week.  I made a start but when I wrote it I sort of hated it.  I've done this before.  I'm often too critical of my own work.  I'll reread what I have and see if it's usable and if not, I'll start over.  The other thing is to see what pictures I have to go with the article.  The editor gave me a deadline but not length requirements which makes it more difficult.

Shortly, Ken and I will run errands and probably pick up lunch.  Then I'm hitting the recliner and writing - article or novel - unless Ken wants to spend time with me.  If he does, I'll work on crocheting.  It's going to be a busy day and busy weekend but hopefully I can clear up my to do list and make a fresh start for next week.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Busy Week, Lots of Inspiration

It's been an interesting week.  I use a scooter to get around.  Last Friday my scooter didn't want to work.  This meant I had to struggle to get into work.  I had help.  The people in my building are wonderful and willing to give aid.

My husband came and worked on my scooter so I could get out of work without causing more pain.  However, the damage was already done.  My legs hurt - the scale of 1 to 10 didn't touch how much my legs hurt.  I spent the weekend in the recliner in the hopes my legs would feel better.

Recently I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency.  This means I hurt everywhere and I'm tired all the time.  I'm on massive doses of Vitamin D for the next month.  I guess this is the penalty I get for the sun hating me.  I'm also probably going to have to take the vitamin for the rest of my life.

All of this led to a somewhat lazy weekend.  Saturday I slept.  I slept on and off a lot.  Ken and I ran errands.  We mailed out the books to the winners of my Goodreads giveaway and did a couple other things.  We weren't gone for more than an hour but by the time I got back, I was done.  I curled up on the couch and tried to sleep.  Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful because I started sneezing and couldn't stop.  However, by mid afternoon I put my head down and slept.

Sunday I wrote for a while.  I'm working on a new novel.  I don't know how I feel about it yet.  I like parts of it but I'm always hyper critical until after I've done edits.  Ken and I watched tv (nothing new there) and I finished the scarf I was working on and a second one.  Now I need to work on the skirt I need to get done.

In my head, I'm starting to make a mental list of all the things I want to get done and I'm thinking I need a second me.  I've discovered something about myself though.  I reach a point where I'm doing all these things  - writing, crocheting, editing, publishing, family... and so on - and I reach a point where I need to be quiet.  Maybe it's just watching a program and not having my hands busy or maybe it's curling up with a good book.  If I take this time, steal it from all my tasks, I let my brain rest, and come back to the quiet place where all the good things come about.  I've had a couple of these days where I let everything slip away and allow my mind to wander.

On Memorial day Ken and I watched a western and two war movies.  I got ideas for my books.  I've been watching Criminal Minds.  I got more ideas for my books.  It almost makes me laugh as I'm curled up not thinking and suddenly something will strike me and my brain snaps into focus of - huh if I used something similar in this book / novel, it would make an interesting story line.

Not plagiarism because I'm not writing a western or even sticking to the same story line.  It's usually line or something small which grabs my attention.  Then my imagination grabs hold of it and twists and turns it until it isn't recognizable as coming from whatever it originally came from.

Back at the Grindstone

With nine days off, you would think I got a lot accomplished.  I did when it comes to spending time with my girls but off my to-do list?  No...