Sunday, October 25, 2015

More Quiet, More Crocheting

Ken and I went to JoAnn's yesterday.  He hates it but was very helpful and even helped pick out fabric.  He's such a good sport, sometimes.  I got all the things I needed for the projects I have in mind.  The fabric is in the laundry being washed and dried so I can work on the projects as soon as they are done.

I came home and crocheted.  I got a number of small gifts done.  I bought fleece for a blanket for me.  Yes, I'm actually going to make something for me.  It's shocking but true.  I picked out the yarn and went totally opposite of what I thought I would do.  I also know the pattern I want to do.  Hopefully today I'll finish it but we will see what ends up happening.

I can't show the rest of what I worked on because they will be gifts.  However, I got a lot done and I've only got two more sections to do.  I'm hoping to finish them today.

Sitting with my legs up and crocheting most of yesterday was a good thing.  My legs feel better today and the swelling has gone down.  This means the pain level is lower which of course makes me happy.

My plan for the day?  Editing for my sister, reading email this morning, and then going back to my recliner and working on crocheting.  I'm hoping the fabric I bought yesterday is done so I can work on those projects sooner rather than later.  I have a few smaller projects which I would like to get off my plate.  One of which may involve making my own patterns.  If I do, I'll be publishing them.  It promises to be a good day of crocheting.  Hopefully I get a lot done.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Crafting and Quiet

It's a lazy weekend for me.  I swear I'm not going to do much this weekend.  I'm worn out from work this week and next week is going to be busy and stressful.  So this weekend I'm going to do only fun things - I hope.

I've already worked on budget and writing business stuff so that is out of the way.  Now it's time to see what kind of fun I can have.  I have several crochet projects I want to get done.  I've had several requests from different people for ideas and so on.  Now it's a matter of sitting down and working on them so I can see what they like and what fits.

After lunch today, I think I'll wander to JoAnns to see about picking up a couple pieces of material for trying out ideas I've seen on my crochet group and online.  I'm excited to try these projects which combine fabric and yarn.

I slept late this morning but I still feel like I want a nap so I may indulge in a nap today.  Unfortunately, I have to be careful about naps because if I nap too much I won't sleep tomorrow night which makes it difficult to get up for work.

Crafting this weekend with little else on the agenda.  Maybe a trip to JoAnn's for supplies (specific ones for the projects).  Otherwise, I'm keeping it quiet, calm, and low key.

Friday, October 23, 2015


Good or bad we all have habits.  This week I've realized a habit I've gotten into is talking on the phone while I am driving home.  My daughters - who are the ones I normally talk to - have all been busy this week with conferences and school.

My new car allows me to be hands free so I just tell it who I want to call and (if it's working right) it calls them.  I spent the next 20 minutes talking to the person if they are available.  This week I've not talked to any of my daughters.

It's goofy but I miss this snippet of their lives.  I hear about their day or the cats antics or bad traffic or whatever.  This means when I don't get these snippets, I feel out of the loop and a bit disconnected.  I know the routine will return next week but I'm still feeling out of sorts about it this week.

It's made me realize I don't have my drive with the silence I was used to.  I've replaced the silence with chatter via technology.  I'm not sure that's a bad thing but I'm not sure it's a good thing either.  Hearing my own thoughts can help me cope and destress.

However, I don't think I want to give up the time with my daughters.  It's nice to have those few moments to catch up with them.  It helps to keep us connected while we are all living in different states.

I've missed my habit this week but I know it will be back next week.  The conferences are done today and my daughters will be more available next week.  I've enjoyed the silence and my own thoughts for this week but I'll enjoy going back to that habit of chatting with the girls next week.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ups and Downs

My scooter broke this week.  This meant I had to walk much more than I'm supposed to which has resulted in me being in a lot of pain.  The scooter new costs $1500 and I was panicking a bit but after a bit of research, I don't believe we will have to pay that unless we come to a worst case scenario.  Fortunately, I called a welder and he was able to weld the frame together.  Now I just have to hope it stays together until I can go through the process of getting the doctor to prescribe one for me so the insurance will pay for it.

It's been a busy weekend.  Saturday Ken and I ran errands.  We went to a variety of different places including a craft store (Ken's least favorite place to go).  I got the three things I needed for the three projects I wanted to do and saved $31.  I love coupons.

It was a practical day.  I spent time paying bills, working on budget, running errands and so on.  Nothing momentous happened but stuff got done.  I worked on crocheting last night but was tired.  I spent a bit of time on the phone with my daughters.  This was the best part of the day.

Today has been just as productive.  I made a new breakfast thing to take this week.  I also made lunch for today and for the rest of the week.  Ken did the shopping and saved $22 in coupons.  I've been working on the computer a good portion of the day.  It's writing related things but not writing.  I also worked on two crochet projects.  I got two done so I will be able to write up the one pattern.  The other is just making dish towel with terry cloth and crocheting around the edges.  I made one.  Ken is supposed to try it to see if he likes it.  I'm hoping they work well so we don't have to buy the one from the store.  I like them better but I never know whether Ken will or not.  The dishtowel is just under 2' square so you can dry those bigger dishes.

I published a short story today.  Journeys is a about lifelong friends who come together for a weekend away from family.  The two women share their frustrations and joys of being mothers. The short story is only 99 cents and is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

And the Results Are In

In May I discovered a lump under my arm.  I had been crocheting a lot and had a stiff arm.  I thought it was just a bunched up muscle.  I kept an eye on it but said nothing to anyone as I didn’t want the “OMG you have breast cancer” reaction.  I didn’t know what it was.  I didn’t know if it was even a lump.

I made an appointment with my doctor to have it looked at but I still didn’t tell anyone.  I wasn’t trying to be brave or shut anyone out. I simply wanted more information before I talked about it. 

Ken found out before I went.  He was upset which is exactly what I wanted to avoid.  I went to the doctor.  He felt, said yes there is a lump and ordered an ultrasound.  The ultrasound was inconclusive.  I had to wait a week for the appointment for the ultrasound.  I had to wait a week for the results.

I talked to the doctor, he wanted me to go to a surgeon.  I went to the surgeon – this time only a few days.  He felt and said yes, he felt the lump.  He wanted a CT scan.

Now I’ve had two CT scans previously.  The first one had me freaking out because I’m claustrophobic and the second one – well it was bad all around but that was more because of the medical issues I was having at the time than the test itself.  Needless to say, I was nervous.  I only had to wait five days to have the CT scan. 

The technician was good.  She answered all my questions, listened to my concerns and took her time with me.  The test wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  But still I wait for results.

I have every faith this lump is nothing more than a cyst or bunched up muscle or something similar.  The waiting, the not knowing is the worst.  Like most people, when my mind is quiet and there is nothing to distract me, I consider all the worst case scenarios.  I try not to but there is a part of my head that won’t let it go. 

I’m trying to prepare – what will the doctor say?  Will there be more they want to do?  A biopsy?  How will we manage the time?  Ken’s vacation is gone so if he takes off it’s unpaid.  This has significant impact on our budget.  I know my daughters (any and all of them) would come in and help but they all live out of state.  All of these variables run through my head and I can’t get them to settle into any coherent form because I don’t know what the next step will be. 

The last time I had a medical issue, I pushed hard to get my way because I had a feeling something was drastically wrong.  I don’t have that feeling now but still my brain goes there.  I don’t know how much I want to push and I don’t know how grumpy I want to be about it.  I believe it is a cyst or muscle issue.  However, you can’t ignore lumps.  They generally have to be attended to. 

In some ways, I laugh at myself.  I feel like I can feel it in there but I know part of that is my worry.  The worry is manifesting itself as a lump in my armpit.  I laugh when I write this but I also know the feelings are real.  I laugh at myself and remind myself to not be so overwhelmed with all of this. 

Finally on Thursday I got the results.  No bad things showed up on the CT scan.  The docs think like I do - a cyst or clump of tissue.  Basically, I'm getting lumpy in my old age.  Of course, I'll keep an eye on it.  If it changes, gets bigger, or I have more pain in my arm, I'll go back to the doctor.  The wait is over.  I have answers and now my brain can stop doing the worst case scenarios when I'm trying to sleep.  Now I can think about - what am I going to crochet next?

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Long List of Crafting and Writing

It's a list weekend.  I have a long list of writing tasks I want to get done and a long list of crocheting / crafting things I want to get done.  I may manage to stay in my jammies all weekend just to get stuff done.

Last night I watched Blacklisted and worked on an afghan for my niece.  I've got about 40 rows done.  I LOVE the colors she picked and the pattern.  I can't wait to see the final product.  In my crochet basket, I have about four projects started.  I am going to try to finish two of them this weekend and work on the other two.  Two of them are larger projects so will take longer than a weekend to complete.

I have written about four patterns which fall into the "Baskets" category.  I want to get them compiled into a document so I can publish them but before I publish, I want to print them out, follow the directions, and see if there are any adjustments I want to make.  I'm hoping to work on that this weekend.

I've got a short story finalized and am hoping to publish it this weekend.  Next is to do the searches on Wayfarer 10 and print for editing.

I've been wrapped up in marketing.  I'm trying to tweet and post on facebook regularly so I can get my work out to others.  I'm also looking at my marketing spreadsheet to see what I need to do for the things I've already published and not done the marketing.

I have a number of gifts to work on for crafting.  They are on my weekend lists as well.  I guess I better quit writing and get busy.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

No Jammies Today

It was supposed to be a stay in my jammies day and do little to nothing.  That didn't work.  I got up to an email from Joann with one of the things I wanted for a project being on sale.

After spending part of the morning on marketing, I got organized and Ken and I headed out to Joann's.  While I was looking at things online, I got a notice to text Joann's to get a coupon.  I did.  I got a 20% off coupon.

The items I wanted were already 50% off so we went in, found what I wanted and picked them up.  At checkout, they used my coupon and I spent nearly $10 less than I had budgeted.  I spent $42 and saved $60.  This is good shopping as far as I'm concerned.

I've spent the last two hours working on getting marketing stuff organized into a One Note notebook.  This is the software I just learned how to use.  I have to say, I'm finding it useful both at work and with my writing things.  I've created two notebooks to make my marketing tasks simpler.  I'm still gathering quotes from different books but it's coming along nicely.

Looking to move on to the next thing - will it be more marketing, work on the project I just got the materials for, or something completely different?  I'll have to see how the mood strikes me.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yesterday I came home from work, paid bills, worked on editing, and booked a date for going to Paint Nite.  Ken and I had our normal Friday night meal of Toppers pizza and he went to bed.  I tried to settle into something but couldn't.  I finally decided to watch some training I'm trying to knock out.  Doesn't this sound like an overly exciting way to spend a Friday night?

Today, I went through coupons and wrote up a grocery list, made a fleece blanket with a crocheted edging, helped my mom, ran errands, watched two movies and crocheted, worked on pulling quotes
from books to use for marketing.  It's 10:30 and I'm ready to crash for the night.

The blanket is fleece - Packer pattern - which I crocheted around with some funky yarn.  I think the edging turned out nicely and I'm pleased with the result.  Believe it or not, this is a simple single crochet around the blanket.  It's the yarn that makes the funky pattern.

Ken's been sick all week and taking the time to watch those two movies was good for both of us.  He got rest instead of doing yard work.  I got to crochet (and maybe take a mini nap).  The afghan I'm working in is gorgeous.  I'm loving the color combination and the pattern.  I've got a number of projects going with none of them making it to the final stage (until I finished Ken's blanket today).  It's been hard to crochet but today I just pushed through it and did the crocheting.  My mind seemed to settle and go to a place where it needed to.

I was able to settle into the marketing task I needed to work on.  It isn't done.  I still need to do more but at least I made progress.  Normally I'm up late, working on something.  Tonight I may actually go to bed early - well for me.

Tomorrow, I plan to work publishing a short story and more of the marketing things.  I also want to watch more of the training which I believe I'll be able to crochet while I watch.  I'll have to see what Ken wants to get up to but I want to crochet so long as my arm isn't hurting.

Back at the Grindstone

With nine days off, you would think I got a lot accomplished.  I did when it comes to spending time with my girls but off my to-do list?  No...