Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Post Migraine - I hope

Yesterday a migraine ripped through my head making me useless for the day.  By evening my head was less miserable but still not great.  I opted to watch movies while laying in the dark.  It didn't bother my head like trying to crochet or writing. 

I watched Hitch and She's the One.  I haven't seen Hitch in a while and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Will Smith is always pleasant to look at and watch his skill at being silly and romantic.  It made me laugh and relax.  I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Interestingly, I've not written anything in almost three days now.  However, in my head one story keeps popping up and ideas fill my head when I wake up so I'm hoping when I reach a point where I am able to write without my head wanting to explode, I'll be able to move forward quickly on the story.

At one point last night I woke up headache free but when I woke this morning, my head was slamming me again.  Tylenol and caffeine will be my friends today.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Death of an Orange Pen

Yesterday I spent the day with my mother and going through some genealogy stuff.  It was good to look through family memories and mysteries.  We discovered invitations and thank you cards sent to my grandmother that we think come from some cousins but we can't quite place them.  It will be fun to see how it all shakes out.

My sister and uncle came to pick up my mother and stayed to chat.  It was a good time.  Ken and I watched some tv, ate supper, and chatted with the Georgia girls.

I got alone time.  Ken went off to bed.  I tackled a manuscript that needed editing.  My orange pen got put to work as I read through a two hundred page manuscript.  My intention was to go to bed early.  That didn't happen.  I was up until after 12:30 editing.  I looked at my pen and realized it was nearly half gone for ink.  I just got it out in the last month.

Even after I was done editing, I crashed but woke up at 1:30 with a headache.  Yes, the headache woke me up.  I shifted position, took Tylenol and tried to go back to sleep.  I must have slept because I woke up around 6:30 when Ken went out to gas up the two vehicles.

Today I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  I may work on writing, crocheting, or sleeping.  It's Sunday so it is supposed to be a relaxing day.  I've already got a headache with my ears ringing.  It might be a good day to just shut down and do nothing.

Those who know me - stop laughing - I can to do nothing.  It just takes a lot for me to do it.  Doing nothing is hard work.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Sometimes I just want the world to go away and let me be.  When I have a headache it hits me a hundred times harder when I feel this way.  Mostly I want my head to stop hurting so my brain can think and do what it needs to do.

I have a desk full of work and none of it makes sense.  I try to focus on work and it all falls away from me.  I can’t make sense of anything.  It all falls away from me in an unintelligible mess of chaos and confusion.

My mind tries to focus, but it skitters off into a corner quivering and quaking trying to escape the complexity expected of it.  My eyes droop and the thrumming in my head seem to keep time to some raucous band only it can hear.

My head feels heavy, too heavy for my neck to hold it up.  I’m like those water drinking birds that dip into a glass and sit up except I have a hard time keeping my head up.

The clock ticks slowly, ever so slowly towards the end of the day.  Each tick sounds like a bass drum and feels like it lasts a thousand minutes.

The ringing in my ears reverberates off my brain, attempting to jump start it into functioning but it fails, every time.  For my brain is hiding in the corner pulling a blanket around it to stop the light, the sound, any input from getting through. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Marketing.  It is the bane of my existence.  I’ve been in writing mode – write, edit, production.  With ten books published, I need to work on marketing.  The problem – I’m not good at promoting myself.

This doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it.  It means it is a chore.  It is one of the aspects of writing I am not comfortable with.  I do my blog (see I’m blogging) and my website.  I tweet (though does this make any sense?) and I facebook.  It would be nice if my magic genie would come out and take care of all the marketing issues – like convincing people to read my books or having a famous director like Steven Spielberg or Joss Whedon or Ron Howard to pick up my books and say wow this would make a great movie or series. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t likely to happen.  The genie is on strike with the brownies who are supposed to clean my house.  This means I grind through researching and promoting and hope that somewhere along the line something clicks and it creates sales.

I’ve researched romance newsletters and sent off information to them in the hopes it will get my name out there and get Secret Past noticed.  I’ve done the same with science fiction / fantasy newsletters to try to get the Wayfarer and Defender series noticed as well.  I don’t know how successful either will be. 

I’ve tried emailing bookstores announcements on my books.  They haven’t been very responsive – either locally or nationally.  This is probably going to be an ongoing thing which I need to spend some time working on. 

If you have any ideas you want to share on marketing, let me know.  I’m open to most things and will beat up my introverted self to work outside my comfy quiet little hermit cave.  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

No Stress Day

Vicki called me last night to chat before she went to bed.  Before she called I was writing, the words were flowing, everything was moving along nicely.  I hung up with her, typed a sentence and my phone rang again.  It was my other two daughters calling to chat.  I asked if they coordinated that with Vicki.  They laughed and denied by I have my suspicions.

It seems like every time I go to the bathroom or am writing they call.  I think they may have hidden cameras in my house.  Well okay - probably not.

Yesterday I got the new Wayfarer book out!  Today it is available on Amazon.  I've reviewed the proof and the paperback will be ready in a few days.  I ordered copies so I can have them on hand, donate to the University library, send to my kids.

Last night I worked on another story and am trying to get it wrapped up.  I realized I had three plot lines to complete before I could finalize the book.  Of course I have editing to do after that.  I'm hoping to finish it off in the next week or so but I'll have to see how writing goes.

I'm going to play with a cover for one of my novels I'm almost done with.  I don't have one in mind so I'm going to play around with a few ideas.  I am leaning towards simple with my covers.  I find I like them better when they are either a photo someone has taken or a simple cover.

Once I'm done with a few of the writing projects, I plan to work on crocheting.  I'm hoping to get a few of the gifts made while I watch movies or tv today.  It will be interesting to see if the crocheting loosens up my hands a little.  If it does, I may have to go back to crocheting on a weekly basis to keep the arthritis under control in my fingers.

It's Sunday so I want a nice and easy day without a lot of stress.  Crocheting, writing, tv, movies, all sound like a good plan.  Of course I have a manuscript to edit so maybe that will find a way into my day as well.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wayfarer Immemorial

Decker and Adara face her new role as clan leader while struggling with new threats from the Barions.  The Fletnon calls for help and the crew of the Pritchard is forced to rescue the Barions who nearly killed Adara. 

The Wayfarer clans give the Cloch clan - Adara's clan - three long haul ships as reparation for the damage the Dotean clan did to the Cloch clan.  Adara is inundated with requests to join her clan but she's not even sure how to induct people into her clan.

A trip to the Etiennes for a solstice celebration solidifies Decker's commitment to Adara.  He looks for a way to express it.  Franklin gets an apprentice from the Etienne hunters.  Janet and Hal hook up for some steamy romance but his past pushes them apart. 

On her way to do clan business, Adara is confronted by a lone Barion claiming to have a message for her.  The Barions are up to something.  Battle cruisers abound and it's unclear whether they're working together or chasing a single ship. 

At the clan gathering, members of the elusive Spiorad clan join the Cloch clan as well as dozens from the other clans.  Members of the crew step up to officially join Adara's clan bringing all aspects of Adara's family into her clan.

The artist for the Aegis memorial flirts with Decker, making Adara furious.  She refuses to be featured as part of the memorial and forces the artist to look at the people who died on the Aegis.  Before the memorial, Adara and Decker are captured by Barions.  Harot has Decker tortured to punish Adara. 

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Writing, Crocheting, Napping

Here it is Saturday morning and I should be productive.  Yesterday I came home tired and grumpy.  After paying bills, I curled up in the recliner and took a nap.  Ken and I watched Babylon 5 and had pizza for supper.

I should have worked on all the writing stuff I have on my list or some of the crocheting stuff I have on my list.  I didn't.  By 8:00 last night I was in my jammies and crashing.  I talked to all three of my girls yesterday - always a good thing.  After that I crashed for the night.

Normally I wouldn't go to bed this early because after about four hours I'm up and can't sleep.  It throws my sleep pattern off.  However, last night I crashed.  I woke up three or four times throughout the night but I "slept" for about eleven or twelve hours sort of.  I haven't done this in ages.

This morning I'm working on book work for the writing, matching payments with sales.  Several people have asked if I'm coming out ahead, the answer is no, not yet.  My expenses still outweigh my income but I know this is a long term thing not a short term thing.

I have nine books out and am hoping to get another out this weekend.  That will be my next project.  I have a little bit of editing to do, checking things out, adding in front and back material.  Then I will do production.  Shockingly I have the cover already done and am hoping to get through all the production steps so I can go ahead and publish today or tomorrow.

Once I'm done with this book, I'll be working on edits for the next manuscript and writing for the several stories I have running right now.  I feel this week has been unproductive for me.  I've written only a little and edited only a little.  I've done a little crocheting.

One thing I have noticed this week and I'm reminded of it as I look at the trees outside my window.  It is fall and the leaves are gorgeous.  It is my favorite time of year, the trees are gold, orange, red, green and it feels so good.  Even though it is a gray day outside, I see all the flame colors out my window and know it will be a good day whatever I end up doing.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Take Two

Last week I wrote a scene for one of my stories.  I was pleased with it, planned to go through to the next step in the manuscript.

I went to my other computer (the one in my office) and shifted files, saved the files from my flash drive to my hard drive.  I thought I'd got all of them.  As is my habit, I deleted the files on my flash drive and copied over my big main file.  I use the flash drive as a portable back up of most files.

I opened my story expecting to move forward and realized I had copied over the file with the scene I'd written.  I was annoyed with myself.  I've been saying I need a better way to keep track of the files I change but hadn't done anything about it.  I have now.

In wandering around looking at other files, I discovered a copy of the story with the scene I thought I'd lost.  This left me with a dilemma - which of the two scenes I'd written did I like better.  I read them both and liked parts of both.

I read both version several times and couldn't decide.  Instead I combined the two versions.  Going through the scene I cut a little from each and found a nice combined version of the scene.  It is probably a little heavy in parts but when I edit the whole story I'll catch it and cut the fat from the scene. Hopefully I can now move on to the next scene.

As for my issue of saving files, I've opted to put files I've worked on in a different folder.  It is a little cumbersome but for now it works.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Constant unrelenting noise - that is how my day has been.  I like quiet and calm but today has been constant noise in one form or another.

At my day job, they were working on the roof and moving furniture on the floor below us.  It is the start of advising season so there are a lot of students on the floor and the faculty are all in the office.  This means there is a lot of collaborating going on which means a lot of talking in the halls.  I've had student workers in the office most of the day, this means that they are making noise.

I can take the chaos and the noise but at some point I just want peace and quiet.  I want every thing to be silent so I can hear my own thoughts.

When I get in noise overload, I get a headache and my ears ring.  At which point, any noise starts to annoy me.  Of course while I'm at work, I have to be nice and pleasant.  By the time I get home, I'm going to be ready for no noise and not a lot of conversation.

I've reached a point where I just want to say "SSSSSHHHHHH" to everyone and turn off all the other noise too.  It was a good thing the day ended.  I came home exhausted and am looking forward to a quiet night.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Completely Unproductive

My evening was completely unproductive.  I meant to work on editing and writing.  I planned to get a chapter or two written on the next Wayfarer novel. 

None of that happened.  I talked to all three of my daughters and one of my sisters.  I spent the night on the phone and video chatting.  It was an interesting change of pace.  By the end of the evening, I was tired and ready for bed. 

The lack of writing last night just felt odd.  I'm so used to having my time to myself and editing or writing that to be engaged in other ways just felt odd.  Not good or bad, just different.  I spent a lot of time talking with my two daughters in Georgia.  We video chatted, I got to see one of the grand fur babies - the other was camera shy. 

I like video chatting because I get to see my girls rather than texting or talking.  I get to see their faces and their place.  It is always a good thing for me.  I feel more connected with them. 

Tonight I plan to write and edit but you just never know what will happen...

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Yesterday I was busy with writing.  I published a book, downloaded reports from the companies who I publish through, printed a manuscript for editing, finished editing one manuscript and got a third of the way through another.  It was a busy day.

In addition to all the writing things, I talked to all three of my daughters, organized coupons, and spent time with Ken.  It was a good day with a bit of balance in the day.

This morning I'll be putting edits into the computer for the manuscript I finished a round of editing.  I have more coupons to go through.  I want to work on croheting.  I also have to get stuff ready for work this week.

I now have nine books under my name.  This is way beyond what I thought I would do in a year.  In the next two months, I'm hoping to get two more books out.  The two manuscripts I've been editing need to have a nice polish put on them and then out for readers to enjoy (I hope).  The one will be Wayfarer Immemorial, the third installment of the Wayfarer series.  The other will be a new book about magic, love, good versus evil, betrayal and a bit of redemption.  I've not named it yet but it will hopefully be ready by the end of November.

I've been submitting short stories and other items to other places and having absolutely no success.  I don't know that I'm successful with the books but they are at least out there for people to try.

My relaxing weekend has been full of writing and hopefully today a bit of crocheting while I catch up on the tv shows I'm behind on - NCIS LA, Dr. Who, Person of Interest.  I hope I can finish the current scarf I'm working on and then start some of my holiday crocheting.  I'll just have to see how things go though because the editing is really calling to me.

I started the fourth Wayfarer book and have struggled with getting more down.  It's in my head, I just can't seem to decide which scenes to write first.  I realized last night the moon is in the full phase.  This is almost always a non-creative time for me but a productive time in getting things done.  I can only assume as the moon shifts to the dark moon I'll get back on track with the fourth Wayfarer book.  I also have a bunch of information in my head about the last Defenders book and the second book in another series I'm working on.  I just need the time to get it all into the computer.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Defenders of the Land

Book two in the Defenders series is out and available on both Amazon and Smashwords.  It will be available in paperback by Monday (I hope).

  If you read the first book - Defenders of the People - you know that Tof, Bri and the rest of the Defenders are just getting started.

The Defenders grows into a group of young adults who protect against any and all evil, including the agents of the council.  The council's magic seekers bring perverted magic to capture and return victims - mostly children and pretty women - to the Chancellor Ravick. 

Tof with his lieutenants, Bri and Alex, work with the villagers in their province to protect against these agents.  They learn as they go.  Mistakes are made, lives lost as the group becomes a cohesive unit. 

Magic is key to their success and they don't know enough.  The magic seekers bring perverted magic to the province with magical illnesses and a sleeping spell which holds people docile in their captivity. 

In the end, Tof and Liza must become joined with the land to complete the healing Queen Sirina did during the plagues.  As the time for the joining draws near, Tof worries he will be weak and spoiled like his father.  The land demands sovereigns.  The two suited for it are Tof and Liza.  Tof overcomes his concerns with a threat or two from his friends.  

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All the books are available on Amazon and Smashwords.  Most are available on Barnes and Noble.

Coming soon - the third Wayfarer book!  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

In My Head

Waking up this morning, I wanted to just stay laying in the dark and thinking.  I woke up thinking about all sorts of things - scenes, story lines, plots, characters, motivation.  I also was thinking about other things too.

The last thing I wanted to do was get up and face a day of reality.  However, I had a desk full of work that needed taking care of.  In my head is never a good place to be when I'm trying to get practical things done.  My mind just isn't on what I'm working on.  It is looking inward, thinking, dreaming, thinking mostly about everything.

Being a responsible adult, I did get up.  I went through my normal morning routine and grumbled about it.  I drove to work - this is normally my transition time.  It's where I stop thinking and focus on getting ready for work.  Not this morning.  I was completely in my head with my thoughts as I parked the car at work.  Even in the elevator, I was in my head.

The shift to reality was tough this morning.  I felt jarred and disrupted.  The nice thing about my work is my people there understand me.  Now whether by design or just out of habit, I had two co-workers chat with me this morning and this helped me shift my focus from being in my head to being at work.

I was still in my head a lot today but I got through work.  When I finally got some down time, some me time, I worked on editing the third Wayfarer book.  I have it nearly in shape.  I think one more read through once I put in these edits.

Even better than that, I got the first scene written for the fourth book.  I'll probably shift to working on that for the next few days.  Yes - all of you who are waiting - it is coming.

At the end of my day - the final end, not the end of the work day - I'm exhausted, still in my head, and ready for sleeping.  I'm hoping I can sleep and not have to sit up and start writing the next scene.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Forced to Craft Shop

Friday, Ken and I drove to Indiana to visit Vicki.  We got there late but I still stayed up until late talking with Vicki.  This is normal for a visit with one of my kids.

Saturday, we ran errands with Vicki and she forced me to go to JoAnn Fabrics.  We wandered for a while.  I may have spread glitter on her from some ribbon she was looking at.  It seems only fair since she forced me to go to the craft store.

Leaving the store, I had three bags of yarn, books, and supplies.  My wallet was lighter by quite a bit but I saved almost $65 which is more than half what I spent.  Surprisingly, I didn't spend the rest of the day crocheting for her, though she did get two scarves out of the craft store trip.  It was fun to walk through and say "oohh, pretty, nice texture, hmm must have," and pick up what we wanted.

A huge surprised, I picked up two skeins of yarn specifically for myself.  Vicki has them and is knitting me something.

My new books came home marred with tabs.  Vicki had to inspect them.  Of course during the inspection, she tagged all the things she liked.

The drive down was mostly uneventful.  We saw one accident which slowed us down around Chicago.  At one of the tolls, several cop cars had at least one semi-truck pulled over.  There were three cops at the back of the truck with bolt cutters.  I'd love to know more about that but of course we were driving so could stop to gape at the event.

The ride back was easy and had very little traffic.  This is always a good thing.  Basically I set my cruise and drove.  That makes the trip easy and pleasant.  We listened to a book most of the way back.  I woke up tired which is never a good thing but once we put the book in, it pushed back the tired.

Unfortunately, I got home, showered, and had every intention of working on writing but came to the living room and curled up in the recliner to nap for almost three hours.  Interestingly, I could probably turn out the light and go back to sleep.  However, in my head are two stories that started on the drive down.  I'm going to try to get at least the concepts down on paper.  In my head I have two or three other things I want to get done today.  What's in my head and what will actually happen may very well be two different things.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Going with the Flow

When I finished my degree last December, I had goals.  I had specific goals I wanted to accomplish every month.  I was going to step up my submissions.  I wanted to have five to ten submission each month.  It shouldn't be hard to maintain that as I wouldn't be doing school work.  I wanted to get my romance novel and my meditation book published.

Looking back at how I felt in January facing these tasks, I thought the submissions would be the easy part and the book publishing the hard part.

I've flip flopped.  I have almost no submissions this year, maybe four or five, and none of them went through to publication.  It's annoying and frustrating.  However, not unusual.

On the book front, I've published the two I hoped to.  I also have published six more and will probably publish one more before the end of the year, possibly two more.

It seems like every time I turn around, I'm working on another manuscript of some sort.  Currently I'm actively writing in two manuscripts and editing a third.  Last night I finished a rough draft.  Today I wrote an outline for the next book in the series.

I've made a lot of mistakes.  I discovered that I've got a lot of my page numbers on the wrong side of the pages for a few of my books.  I'll have to fix that and see if there are more fixes before I upload a new file.  I'm enjoying the process.  I love almost all aspects of it.

I freely admit I'm obsessed with checking sales and hoping that the little line is above zero.  I get a thrill when I see one of my books has sold.  It's exciting to me to know that someone in Canada or the UK (or any of the other countries) has bought my book.  I wonder if the story will cross the culture differences and if they will enjoy it.  I hope so.

My goals have flown out the window but I don't really care.  I'm loving what I'm doing.  I'm thrilled with the work I'm doing and loving telling a story - hopefully a good story.

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Back at the Grindstone

With nine days off, you would think I got a lot accomplished.  I did when it comes to spending time with my girls but off my to-do list?  No...