Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wayfarer Clans

My new book came out!  Wayfarer Clans is the second installment in the Wayfarer series.  Adara, Decker, and more are back in this new edition.

Recovering from her ordeal with the Barions, Adara faces new challenges when her oldest brother is captured on a stolen Science Corp vessel.  He, his maite saol and son were kidnapped and forced to fly the ship.  Young girls from group homes and small children are kidnapped.  This rash of kidnappings leads Adara to suggest to Franklin that a Wayfarer clan is adding to their clan.   

Adara struggles with family relations as she meets up with her oldest sister who tells how the clan she joined treated her.  Seduction and rape, Bedelia faced hardships worse than Adara could imagine.  Adara tries to forgive and heal the family relations. 

Decker and Adara struggle to cope with her family relations when it's discovered that three of her siblings are with the clan who is kidnapping all the children.  Wayfarer and human relations are strained between the couple and on a larger scale.  Admiral Chesnik tries to work with the clan leaders to bring the rogue clan in to justice.  

Available at:

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Productive Day

Yesterday I got two manuscripts ready to start the production process.  I'll see how far I get with them today.  Time alone in the morning meant I focused on the Defenders of the Land manuscript and after Ken went to bed I worked on Wayfarer Clans.  Both of these are second books in series.

This morning I submitted a story to a contest.  I read the description and immediately thought of  story I had already written so I jumped on it before I could forget.  I also updated my spreadsheet where I keep track of what has been submitted and where I've submitted things.

I'm up early on a Sunday which I don't like but if I'm going to be up, I might as well get stuff done.  I have four big steps to go to finish the two manuscripts for publication.  Last night after I'd shut down for the night, I realized I didn't fix one of my issues with one of the manuscripts so I need to do that this morning before I forget again.

Cover, production, and the synopsis that I have to write those are on my agenda today.  Depending on how long it takes me to do all of them, I may be able to publish this week.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I still have a 350 page manuscript to get edits into the computer.  It is a first edit for one of my stories so it will be enter, search for words I over use, do a spell check, and print again.  I will need to do a second edit and try to figure out a cover for it.

On top of all of these tasks, I'm still working on three manuscripts.  I'm at a point in all three where I'm considering what comes next.  For the one, I know how it will end and have five to seven scenes I know I want to write.  But I feel like I need two or four scenes more before I can get to those final scenes.  I've got one extended scene and a short scene in my head but haven't quite figured out if that will be enough to lead up to the final scenes.  I just need to write the two and see where it puts me and how well it lines up for the final grouping.

As it is Sunday, Ken will be watching football most of the day so I should get plenty of writing time.  I'll see how motivated I feel to work on all the above tasks once I've had a chance to wake up.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Quiet Saturday at Home

Ken went to his parents this morning, leaving me all alone at home.  I couldn't be happier.  I have gotten through one manuscript (Defenders of the Land) and gotten it to the pre-production stage.  This is a hundred thousand word manuscript so it is a lot of work to go through.

I also worked on budget, talked to the girls via text and phone, and finished editing the second Wayfarer book.  The last five hours have been productive.

I'm about done with sitting at the computer though.  My legs are hurting and I've got an idea I want to get down for the third Wayfarer book.  It is one more scene.  With the other two the scenes just popped into my head and flowed the way I thought they should.  I've reached a point in the third one where I know where I'm ending up but feel there should be more in between where I'm at and where I'm going to end up.

While that may sound complicated, it isn't.  It just means I need to work on other things while the story mulls.  This is why I have one scene in my head and I want to get it down.  I'm pretty sure that scene will lead to other scenes.

I haven't a clue when Ken will be back but I still have a LONG list of things to work on.  I have two manuscripts sitting here that need to have the edits entered on the computer.  One is the final edits for the manuscript which means I need to get it to the same pre-production stage as the Defenders of the Land.  The third one is a first edit on a brand new story.

A nap is sounding really good but I hate wasting alone time sleeping.  When I'm alone, I don't have to feel guilty about spending all my time working on writing, or having my music loud.  It is a guilt-free Saturday!

Friday, September 26, 2014


I had reviews for Secret Past and Moon Affirmations.  I worked my bum off asking everyone to please write a review.  I got an Barbara Ardinger to write one for Moon Affirmations (Thanks Barbara!) and two other people to write reviews of Secret Past.

I was on Amazon the other day (okay I admit I'm there daily) and noticed the reviews were gone.  My first reaction was that something my be wrong with my computer or something I'm doing.  I checked back regularly.  They didn't come back.  I emailed Amazon.  Their standard response was people take their reviews down all the time.

Of course people take down their reviews.  However, I find it hard to believe that all three of the reviews I had were taken down at once.  I told them this.  They came back with, these people know you - they should post in the discussion area.  My response was to explain that while one of the people who did the review I am close with the other two were not.

I talked at length how I asked Barbara to do a review because she is known in the community that I'm targeting the book to.  While I know Barbara, she isn't a close personal friend.  Plus she gave an honest and insightful review (which is what I asked for) not a gushing "hey read this book it is fab" review.  They finally put that review back up.

The other review for Secret Past was by someone I know but it isn't like we are close personal friends.  She's a librarian and friend of my daughters.  When she was done reading the book I asked her to please post a review and to be honest.  She did so.  And now Amazon has wiped it away like it meant nothing.

I get they are trying to maintain integrity in the reviews.  Here's the thing.  I'm a newly published author.  Every positive thing - like these reviews - I worked my ass off to get.  They count.  They make a difference in whether someone will buy or not.  I need them to help encourage sales.  If Amazon takes them away, it affects my sales.

I tried calling them and got the excuse that the reviews department doesn't have a phone line which I call shenanigans on.  I'm going to give it till Monday and if the review isn't back for Secret Past, I will try calling again to talk to the Author's Central department and bitch again.

Here's the thing - if you are reading this and you've read my books.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords or wherever and post a review.  Please be HONEST.  If there were things you didn't like that is okay and normal.  I expect to be criticized.  It is the nature of being an author.  Please post a review on any of my books.  I could really use them and they all help a lot.

If Amazon is being a shithead about it, please go to the discussion area at the bottom of the page for the book and start a conversation about it.  I don't know if that will help with getting sales but at least it will get information about the book out there and people's opinions about the book out there.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Down Time

At work, I have people in and out of my office.  Even when they aren't coming in my office, there is noise up and down the hall with faculty and students collaborating.  It isn't always chaos but it comes close. 

Being part of a large family, chaos is normal for me.  I cope with it in my own ways whether that is listening to family news from faculty or student workers or hearing complaints about students or faculty or a myriad of other ways.  This is my social time.  I'm interacting with people. 

When I get home, I want my peace and quiet.  I love those moments when Ken and I chat about our day or some news report or whatever.  I enjoy the time he and I spend together watching tv or just being together.

Still that is social time for me, granted it is on a smaller level but still social time.  I enjoy the people in my life whether work or home.

Being an introvert, what keeps me coping and managing all the chaos is the time I spend alone.  Last night I sat in the dark and thought about things.  A variety from story lines to possible story lines to life and anything else that popped into my head.  I wrote for awhile but the time I spent in the dark just thinking helped me bring the focus back into who I am and what I need. 

The alone time, the me time, helps me handle the chaos in my life and helps me let go of the stress in life.  It isn't something new.  One of my favorite activities as a child was to climb a tree and read a book.  I had a favorite red maple tree I'd go hide out in.  Even as an adult and mother, there were times Ken took the kids so I could have time to myself.  Alone time helps me be a better me. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Equinox

September 23 is the fall equinox this year. Fall is a time of harvesting, finishing up projects and completing goals.

I had several goals this year. One of which was to go visit the girls in Georgia. We did that and had a wonderful vacation. It was great to get away for a week and see all three girls. I’m hoping we can do something similar next year.

For writing, I had specific goals. Some of these I’ve met and exceeded and others I’ve totally not met. One of my goals was to submit work / articles each month. I was hoping to do at least three but so far I’ve only done sporadic submissions.

Another goal was to get one or two books published. I’ve now gotten seven books published. I seem to have exceeded this goal by quite a bit. I’ve got two more books in the wings which I’m hoping to get out there in the next three months.

Going into winter and heading to the winter solstice becomes a time to reflect on what I’ve done right and wrong this year, how I need to change to improve, what I need to leave alone and just keep the same. By winter solstice, I’ll be looking at what my new goals will be and what I want for the next year.

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I always feel energized and love the season. The colors, the crisp fall air, and the slowing from summer craziness (and before the holiday craziness). For me it is a happy time of enjoying the beauty of the season.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


I just watched Susan Cain's talk at TED conference.  I found her book Quiet to be incredible and self-affirming.

I live with an extrovert.  He is amazing to watch when he is around people.  People like him.  He has conversations and interactions that I'm either too shy to have or to reserved to have.

He has learned that when I need alone time, he gives it to me.  For me, I can go out and talk to people and deal with the world as a whole.  I've done customer service for years.  There is nothing harder for me than to make that cold call or to put out my ideas to others.  Yet, I've done it for a long time because it is usually part of my job.  One job I had to call different companies all over Europe.  This was difficult for me as I didn't speak their language and I didn't know their cultural norms.  Plus talking to other people.  I did it.  At the same time I hated it.  I always felt I did a poor job of it.

In my life now, I'm spending more time alone, thinking, delving into the world of writing and creating.  I'm finding my confidence growing.  The more time I spend alone the better I feel about myself and what I'm doing.  I still have self-doubt but it is less than when I was having to put myself out there.

In writing, the hardest task for me is marketing - the most extroverted part of writing.  I know how to do it.  I know what needs to be done but at the same time I dread it.  I still do it.

If you are an introvert or you know one, I recommend reading Quiet.  It will help you understand yourself or that person better.  It is well written and researched.  She has a lot of good things to say.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Defenders of the People

This book is the first in a series and has been four years in the making. I started writing it in 2010 and am still working on the third in the series.

Bear went into the mountains and found himself a woman to love and two kids to raise. After six years of love and security near the small town of Nettleton those two kids – Tof and Bri – have gathered a small group of friends – Benry, Alex, Liza, Molly, and Bic – to aid them in their quest.

Criminals, rapists come to the town and ravage two small girls. Seeing the injustice the friends take matters into their own hands and hunt them down. Bringing the rapists to justice, Tof and Bri risk all they have as they are fugitives from the council and have been for fifteen years.

Setting aside their own safety, they forge forward to defend the people of their small village and other villages nearby. Using their abilities in magic, sword fighting, as archers, and trackers, they bring criminals to justice in the small villages and towns in their small province.

The small group of friends become known as the Defenders. They fight and assist the villages to make life easier and safer. They become the Defenders of the People.

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Check out my other books available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble:
Moon Affirmations
Moments in Nature
Moments in Spirit
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Secret Past

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Asking for Money?

If you are calling me to ask for money, you should at the very least have all your information together.  I got a call from a university to make a donation.  I told the person three times I had no funds for donating.  She said they weren’t asking for a donation but a gift.  If it is a gift, I’ll be happy to crochet a few things for you to do what you want with.  Those are the types of gifts I give. 

In addition to not having her information correct, she was very unprofessional.  She said um more than she said anything else.  She asked me three or four times if I was still there.  Yet the conversation was such that she didn’t require a response from me. 

It is early in the semester and I’m trying to be patient with this person, hoping it is her first night of work.  (It was as I called to chat with the people in charge.) At the same time, I’m feeling like she is taking no interest in what I’m saying to her. 

Tips for those who call me to ask for money.  Take an interest, don’t say um more than anything else, and when I say no be aware that I mean it.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Four Down, One to Go

Friday I promised myself I'd get the five manuscripts in my bag edited over the weekend.  It totaled nearly a thousand words.  I got through three and a half.  I finished the fourth one tonight.

The one I worked on tonight was a first edit of a rough draft.  I thought I might have to do some pretty serious editing but discovered I liked the story just as much as when I wrote it.  There were scenes where I got goose bumps, teared up, and laughed.

The main character is strong but not overbearing and the main couple are loving, funny, fierce, and flawed.  I like it.

I read this one out loud.  No idea why, I just did.  It helped the editing go faster and the dialog be edited more smoothly I think.

One more to go and I'll have my pile done.  At least with this round.  The last one I have to edit, I just finished on Thursday so it may need to sit for a little longer.  I have three that will move into my done pile for editing (I think).  Then it is all about production for them.

Hopefully with getting this manuscript edited, I'll be able to get some sleep tonight.  Last night I slept a total of two hours.  The bad part of that is it wasn't even a consecutive two hours.  I got a little here and there.  It was a rough night.  I'm hoping tonight will be better.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Got a D

Way back when I took my business degree, I had to take a language class.  I chose German because I'm part German and thought it would be interesting to make the connection to my heritage.  I enjoyed the class but learned very little.  In fact I got a D in the class.

My sister is now taking a year of German.  I think I can still count to four or five, and say a few basic phrases.  Sprechen zie Duetsch being one of them (I apologize if I've spelled that wrong).  I like the German language.  I think if I spent some time in Germany (if only I had the funds) I could pick it up.  Hopefully my sister does a better job than I did with the class.

It's been fun to give her a little bit of a hard time about it.  I told her Guten Morgen mein schwester the other day and the blank stare on her face was amusing.  It means good morning my sister.  I was fairly impressed I remember the German equivalent of sister.  Yes I did go look it up to make sure.

Maybe along the way the two of us can figure out how to talk in German.  And this reminds me of the app on my Kindle Fire that tries to teach me Spanish.  I work at it for a while and then forget it is there.  Languages fascinate me and I've always wanted to learn all of them.

After the D in German, I decided I probably didn't have an aptitude for them.  Maybe I just haven't been immersed enough in them.

What a Week

Pain on Thursday kept me home.  The weather turned cooler which is probably why my pain level went up.  This meant I stayed at work later on Friday to make up some of the hours.

It's been a good week for writing.  I finished the second Wayfarer manuscript and did edits on two other stories.  This weekend I have five manuscripts on my couch waiting for me to edit them.  I'm hoping to finish the edits on the second Defenders book.  I'm also hoping to publish the first Defenders book in the next few days.

Last night I was grumbling at Vicki because I felt like I was behind schedule on the editing.  I have the five manuscripts which totals nearly a thousand pages.  I wasn't even done with one.  I had to stop yesterday because I had a headache.  I felt this put me behind.  Vicki reminded me that I was grumbling about a self-imposed deadline and I needed to be more realistic.

She was right.  I worked on one of the longer manuscripts yesterday.  I have about 75 pages left, I think.  I'll finish it today.  This will be the last edit on the manuscript before I start developing the production pieces I need for it.

I'll probably pick up the next longest manuscript which will be more intense as it is a first edit.  There aren't even chapters in this one so it will be a lot of work to go through the first edit.  One thing I decided was that I should go through and search out key words I tend to overuse when I write the rough draft.

Unfortunately, I woke with a headache several times in the night and this morning I still have one.  Yesterday I spent a lot of time working on business end of writing - updating spreadsheets for income and expenses.  I also submitted some paperwork to start blogging for Pagan Square.  I'll have to start thinking about what I want my next post on there to be.

Today Ken will watch football.  I will probably work.  I uncovered my crochet basket yesterday and saw a project that has just been sitting there waiting on me.  It isn't screaming at me but it is tempting.  Perhaps if the editing is too hard on my head today, I'll watch movies and crochet.

Pain is still a problem but it is daily so I'll just cope because what else can I do.  A warm blanket and a good manuscript to edit should keep me from being in too much pain.

Friday, September 12, 2014

And the Survey Says....

While enjoying time with Ken last night, I got a phone call to do survey on my political beliefs.  Normally I won't answer any questions about who I'm voting for but this didn't seem to be that type of survey. 

I don't know who it was supposed to be in support of but I gave my opinions.  I was very restrained because they asked if I viewed Scott Walker favorably or unfavorably.  I said unfavorably, of course.  There were other questions and I answered (must have been having a weak moment). 

What I'd like to say to the people taking the survey is first - slow down.  I get you are probably paid by the number of people you survey or you have a quota to get through but if I can't understand you because you are speaking so fast than you aren't going to get reasonable answers.  Second - speak clearly.  Again this goes to getting answers but it also goes to getting speedy responses.  If you have to repeat all of the answers a second or third time then you are spending more time than you need on the call.

It was an odd day for me yesterday.  I normally don't answer calls I don't recognize the number for and I answered two calls I didn't know the number for.  One was Vicki who had a question about Excel and she was calling from her work phone and the other was the survey.  At least one was a call I wanted to talk to...

When are we done with the election?  It can't be soon enough...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mom Bragging Moment (or several)

Normally I try to keep my kids out of my writing as I want to respect their right to privacy.  There are just some things that I have to share. 

Of all the people in my life, my daughters are the most incredible women I know.  Yes, I know I'm their mom so I'm supposed to say that.  My feelings go beyond the mom thing. 

Where we started, according to a lot of people, we were doomed to fail.  According to statistics, my daughters were supposed to get pregnant and fail in life because I was pregnant at 17.  They haven't done that. 

My oldest daughter just got another promotion at work.  She works for Wells Fargo and they have a policy about not promoting unless you've been in a position for one year.  This makes her second promotion in under eight months.  She has always been a good worker and a dedicated employee. 

My middle daughter has opted to go back to school and work on a second bachelor's degree.  She already has one in History and Religion.  She will be going for a degree in psychology.  She has settled into her new job in Indiana and is looking for something to occupy her.

My youngest daughter has been very busy.  In June, she got a big promotion which took her a year (nearly) of preparation for their guidelines.  Additionally she just started grad school for forensic drug chemistry.  Her job is demanding so I know it will be a challenge for her to keep up with all the demands on her but I also know she is very capable of managing all of this.

The girls (I can't help it - I know they are in their late twenties and early thirties but they are still my girls) are strong, self-aware, intelligent, beautiful people.  They are loving, caring, and socially conscious. 

If I needed an example of good people, I have three right there.  I'm very proud of my girls.  They are the best people they can be and have moved forward with their lives as they were meant to.  Congratulations for all the good things going on in my daughters lives.  It couldn't happen to better people!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sleep On It

Whether it is about writing or life, my best advice when you can't get something done is to sleep on it.  I was writing last night and the scene was going but plodding along.  I wanted sharp, witty, argumentative.  I'll read what I wrote and decide if that is how it turned out but I didn't feel it was that way.

I talked to one of my daughters last night for quite some time, just chatting about life.  It was a good conversation and when I was done, I realized I wasn't going to write much more.  I know where the scene is going, could see it in my head even last night but the flow was not there.

I opted instead to go to sleep.  This morning I woke up and not only do I know where the current scene is going but I also know how the over arching plot is going to end.  Interestingly I even know where the next book is going to start (at least right now).

Being so involved in a story is always fun and a bit tiring.  Sometimes I feel like conversations going on around me are intruding on the story and I just want them to stop so I can go back to writing.  At the same time, I know I need that time away from writing to decompress.

I'm sure if I talked to some science geek they could tell me that the chemistry in the brain (or whatever) is what helps the creative process.  Here's what I know, if I'm living a story like I have been, I need to sleep on certain aspects to create a good story.  It gives my brain - my inspiration a chance to catch up with the story I'm typing.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

On a Roll

Even though I wrote till almost five in the morning, I got a lot done yesterday.  I got all the errands organized so Ken could take care of them.  I got coupons organized and grocery lists made.  He went to the post office.  I got bills paid.  I cleared off a card table that has been in my office for years.  I cleared off some of my desk (it is still a mess).  I got a book published.

Then I crashed and burned.  I was going to take a nap but was too wired to nap.  I was going to write but I was too tired to write.  My evening was just blah.  Ken and I watched a couple episodes of West Wing.  I opened up my current story and knew where I wanted to end but not how I was going to get there.  As I normally do, I just moved to something different.  I putzed a bit with a couple of stories but nothing really clicked.  I ended up doing more reading / editing than anything else.

At eleven I gave up and tried to go to sleep.  Laying in the dark, I can't say I thought about anything in particular.  My mind wasn't overfull of things as is normally the case when I can't sleep but I couldn't sleep.  At midnight I called it quits and opened my computer to work on writing.  I wrote a scene and a half before my brain said enough.  It was two in the morning and I slept pretty good until six and dozed until nine.

I've been working on writing.  I got descriptions written for Defenders of the People.  I got a cover created and worked on production.  I have a couple of steps left but I'm in wait mode on them.  In my head, I think I know the next few scenes for story that I'm working on.  As my legs are getting sore and tired, I'll probably hit the recliner shortly and work on it.  I have over 21,000 words in this story which is nearly half written as they are smaller novels.

I've heard nothing but grumbling from Vicki over when I'm going to get this one done.  I'm enjoying working on it but I also have ten other projects to work on as well.  It's been a productive weekend and I'm hoping I can keep the ball rolling and work on writing .

Saturday, September 6, 2014


During a period of insomnia, I wrote two stories in about five weeks.  Wayfarer is a short novel set in the future in space.  Here's the description:

Adara Stone youngest pilot in the Interstellar Planets Union survived one ship’s destruction only to be treated like a jinx.  Being half human and half Wayfarer, she’s always been set apart.  Captain Decker Flannery thinks she’s too young, too solitary, and too sexy to be on his ship.  He needs a third pilot so he has no choice. 

At twenty Adara has flown in service for seven years in everything except the Manu service.  The Pritchard is an investigatory ship that helps keep the peace.  Adara covets being in space and the Pritchard.  She loves the feel of the ship in her hands. 

Adara finds friendship and validation as a pilot aboard her beloved Pritchard.  Along with her fellow pilots, Lisa Sorenson and Jack Norris, she flies the investigators where they need to go.  The three explore worlds and become fast friends.  From bar fights to taking on Barion Battleships, they work well together to keep the Pritchard and her crew safe. 

Captain Flannery doesn’t like his youngest pilot.  She’s a mouse.  When she flies, she creates magic in space but she is argumentative and insubordinate.  Flannery finds fault in every action but at the same time finds himself drawn to this quiet, strong young woman.  He doesn’t like other people touching her and he finds himself protective and attracted. 

One emergency after another draws the pilots, Commander Hal Beltzon, second in command, and Captain Flannery into a tight knit group willing to fight and die for each other.  Adara’s past puts her and her crew in danger.  She fears her “jinx” will harm those she’s come to love but they love her and are willing to fight to protect her.  In the end, Adara finds a home and a family.

From my earlier post, this is what I did with my day.  I have one more publishing version to go through to have it available on Smashwords, Amazon, and in paper form.  In another hour or so, I hope it will be ready to go in the paper form.  

It has been a good day - a very good day!  

Come check out my books on my web site at eileentroemel.weebly.com

To Do ... What Should I Do?

It is errand weekend.  This means I have a list of things to get done that is somewhat extensive.  It also means I should not be staying up until 5:00 am writing.

Yesterday I was on track.  I came home, paid bills, took care of all the payroll stuff I needed to.  I was tired and cranky so I tried taking a nap.  It didn't work.  Ken and I watched a movie - Erased - it was pretty good.  He went to bed and I started writing.

I wrote until 10:30, coming to the end of a scene.  I figured okay good place to stop.  I turned out the light and couldn't sleep.  The next scene I wanted to write kept playing in my head to the point where after 45 minutes I gave up trying to sleep.

Of course the next scene needed prep, this meant of course additional scenes.  I worked on it until almost 5:00 am this morning.  I came to the end of the scene and knew EXACTLY what the next couple of scenes were going to be.  I did not write them, they are still bouncing around in my head.  The problem is I couldn't sleep.  I'd been up almost 24 hours and still my brain would not shut down.

I forced myself to sleep through sheer willpower I think.  It took a while but I eventually got to sleep.  I slept for an hour or two and woke up.  I took one look at the clock and made myself go back to sleep.  I dozed for an hour before I fell asleep again.

I'm freaking ridiculous.  I got up a little after 10 this morning and I'm trying to get a pile of tasks done including getting the coupons organized.  I have a novel ready for production including cover.  I still have to settle on a title which is driving me crazy.  I have ideas but none of them click really for me.  It is going to be a series and ironically I already know the title for the second book (it's the one I worked on all night).

I'm setting aside my urge to write in order to get a few of the business type things done.  Coupons, grocery list, and errand list all need to be made up.  Ken is being amazing and running the errands this weekend so I can work on production.  When I get all of those practical things done I'll see what I work on.  Being tired, my brain will have to dictate what I'm capable of doing.  There are three strong contenders with a fourth possibility.  I could clear the table (it is clearer than it has been in months) in my office and finish organizing.  I could work on production of two novels I have ready for production.  I could write.

As tired as I am all three sound appealing because they all accomplish different things I've been working on.  I have the feeling it is going to be a weekend of little sleep and lots of stuff done.  At least I hope so.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Dozen Projects

My daughter read on of my stories on Sunday.  I worked on editing the story this week.  She has been nagging me about getting her the next installment with these characters.  She enjoyed the story that much. 

I told her she had to wait as I had eleven projects in the works (different stages of writing, editing, production).  She of course was insistent that I do the next installment, there was even mention of bribing with cookies and from scratch pumpkin pie. 

As I'm editing the first book, all the ideas I had for more in the story keep coming up and a theme of sorts starts to come clear.  It was 11:00 pm when I finished editing the manuscript for the first book.  I was going to go to bed but I couldn't sleep so I took a few moments and jotted down outline like ideas for the next book. 

I woke up yesterday with the first three scenes in my head just dying to get put on paper.  Yesterday, I put the edits for the first book on the computer and started the second book.  I have 6100 words and about five scenes done.  This morning I woke up with the next series of scenes in my head.  I wrote the first book in ten days (or so).  I'm hoping the second book works up as quickly.  Classes started this week at my job so the work has picked up.  It will be interesting to see how well the writing goes while I'm busy at work. 

Unusual for me, I have a cover in mind for the first book.  I'm going to play with my idea and see if I can get something I like.  I have so many aspects of all projects to work on it is sort of crazy and I feel a bit schizophrenic with jumping between projects.  At the same time when I need a break from a project, I'm able to move to a different one while the one stews in my head. 

It will be fun to see what adventures my characters get up to.  I've been enjoying writing about them again.  It' like sitting with old friends and hearing about their lives - except that I'm the puppet master of their lives. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Movies Instead

No organizing got done which isn't a big surprise.  Ken and I watched movies most of the day.  Elysium, True Grit, and Mud.

Elysium is very much my style of movie - post apocalyptic how has the world survived, Matt Damon - one of my favorites.  Unfortunately I was watching the clock on this one.  It was slow and when it picked up, I was not invested in them.  It was predictable as well.  All in all, I would have preferred organizing my office.

True Grit - the new one.  I'm a HUGE John Wayne fan so deliberately didn't go see this one in the theaters.  John Wayne played that role amazingly and Jeff Bridges just didn't do it justice.  Matt Damon was a better LeBoeuf character than Glen Campbell.  The story followed almost exactly what the original was and I'm sure some people enjoyed the new version.  I did not.  When we were done watching it, I wanted to go back and watch the John Wayne version.  It was a disappointment.

Mud with Matthew McConaughey.  Best part of the movie was when McConaughey decides to take off his lucky shirt and go without it.  It was a nice view.  The story line was predictable though somewhat touching.  The connection between the two boys and McConaughey's character was interesting.  The dialogue was unbelievable.  The way the two boys talked seemed unrealistic.  I checked with Ken because we have girls and he said no as well.  I watched the clock on this one too.

All three of these had good parts to them.  We didn't pay to see any of them so it was a horrible way to pass the afternoon but I watched a couple of old episodes of Adam 12 that I enjoyed more.

After Ken went to bed I worked on a story.  I had been uncertain what direction I wanted to take the story in and last night it just hit me.  I also pulled up another story to work on after I was done playing in the first one.  It's a story I've been drawn back to numerous times.  I'm going to work on these two to see if I can finish them off - move them from the slush pile to the edit pile.  I also got the first Defenders novel into production and got some the front matter and back matter in place.

I kept thinking yesterday I had to be at work today and then remembering that no I didn't.  Today will be a writing day I think.  It is gray and dreary which means my joints ache, a day in the recliner with a warm blanket seems to be the right course of action.

Back at the Grindstone

With nine days off, you would think I got a lot accomplished.  I did when it comes to spending time with my girls but off my to-do list?  No...