Monday, May 5, 2014

It Was Worth the Wait

After doing and redoing Moon Affirmations, it is finally available in paperback!  Late last night the final review of the file was complete and now this morning it is available on! 

I think it looks beautiful!  I'm very proud of this meditation book.  It is simple and easy to do but at the same time can bring some pretty deep results.  I'm deeply moved by the moon energy and during the full moon I feel overloaded with all the energy and during the dark of the moon I feel peaceful. 

The artwork inside is magnificent.  TJ did a wonderful job capturing the feeling of the meditations.  The simple drawings match the affirmations and meditations wonderfully.  Additionally, Suzanne took a beautiful photo for me of the moon.  It was exactly has I've envisioned for several years. 

I'm proud of this book.  Laura and I lay on the ground at a county park near my home.  We talked about how the moon's energy affected people and lives.  The idea popped for me and she encouraged me to write and develop this book. 

Several publishers have nibbled at this manuscript over the years.  Several have expressed an interest in the concept and the manuscript but none followed through.  It is here - published in both ebook and paper format. 

If you want to purchase the ebook:
Available for sale at:
Available on Amazon:
Available on Barnes and Nobles:

It should be on Amazon in about a week.  Currently the paper format is available here:

Check out Secret Past too:

Available on Barnes and Nobles:
Available for sale at:
Available on Amazon:

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