Saturday, January 25, 2014

Change of Plans

This weekend my plan was to run errands and work on organizing the paperwork in the office.  It was going to be a quiet weekend spent inside as much as possible out of the frigid weather.  This is not going to happen.

Instead I’ve run some errands but now Ken is packing the van for me to go to Indiana.  Vicki has an appointment she wants me to go to on Monday.  In looking at the weather forecast today will be a better driving day than tomorrow. 

This brings me to what would you do for someone you loved – family or friend – when they are in need.  My daughter – always concerned about me with my – has offered that I not come down but I’ve rebuffed her each time.  Why?  I’m handicapped and it is difficult for me to get around.  I have concerns about getting into her apartment and if something goes wrong while I’m driving being able to get around.  All valid concerns but at the same time – my daughter needs me. 

Because she needs me, I’m going the extra mile to get to her and spend time with her.  Hopefully I won’t encounter any of the difficulties that concern me.  If I do – I’ll deal as I have to.  Mostly, I just want to get to my daughter so I can provide the support she needs.  Worries and concerns don’t really matter because she is more important than the fear that things might be tough. 

It is more important that she have the peace of mind that me being there will bring than the concerns I have over a winter drive possibly being difficult.  I know she and I will care for each other once I’m down there. 

I love that my daughters have gone off to live their lives.  They are doing exactly what I raised them to do – follow their own path.  This is the one drawback – they are far from me and it is harder to offer care and comfort when they are in need.  I do what I can and hope they know I’m there for them.  It is the one aspect of having strong adult daughters that is difficult – they have followed their path far from home and I can’t be there in an instant – except in spirit all the time.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Home Office

My husband is amazing.  I grumble about him and how he annoys me as is normal when you’ve been together as long as we have.  However, yesterday he helped me in our office.  He worked on clearing out so we could rearrange.  He did all the moving, lifting, putting together, and all the physical stuff I can’t do.  He helped with sorting and organizing. 

Friday we went to Shopko and got two pieces of furniture – both of which were on sale.  Each one was supposed to be $100 but the two on sale ended up being $90.  We also got canvas boxes to go on the shelves that were on sale for either $4 or $5 instead of $10. 

Ken cleaned out the shelves in the closet and took down two of the shelves.  He moved the two file cabinets into the closet so they were not taking up space in the room but still very accessible.  The closet area got cleared out but we still need to figure out what is going where in the closet – other than the two file cabinets and containers of genealogy stuff. 

Ken assembled the two shelving units we got and I put the baskets in them.  As I was sorting through things in the office I realized I wanted two more small baskets for the smaller shelves and I was going to need the organizational stuff for the cubes.  We went out and got what was needed.  I think we ran out of steam.

Today I’m going to tackle the office again and see how much progress I can make on it.  The file cabinet drawers need a good clearing out as well as organizing all the stuff I want on the shelves.  I think that will be the focus but I’m not going to push too much for doing a lot – afterall it is the weekend.  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Web Site

It’s official!  For one of my classes I created a website to show a balance of graphics and text.  I’ve decided to put my work to good use and keep the site going.  Therefore, I’ve got an official author’s web page now. 

Oddly I’ve been resistant to having a web site.  I felt like I didn’t have enough credit as an author to have one I guess.  Then for this project I discovered that I do have enough and it is a good way to build a following – I hope.  Here is the link for my new site:  

I’ll keep it updated with what is being published and what I’m working on writing wise.  Right now I don’t have a writing blog per se so I’ve linked it to this blog.  I don’t want to take on too much.  I want to be committed to keeping things up.  Please go visit my site and let me know what you think. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Creative Gene?

My daughters have a new etsy shop (  Skull Scarf
Most of my family are creative in one way or another.  I have a niece who is an amazing artist, another niece who makes amazing jewelry, a sister who knits and quilts, and so many others (if I list them all it will take forever and I’ll probably still forget someone).  More than this generation though, my great grandfather painted carriages.  He was so good he was one of the few people locally who did gold leafing on carriages.  My grandmothers were both very creative in the handcrafts. 

I read (skimmed really) an article that talked about fears being a genetic memory.  My question is for all the big scientists out there – can creativeness have a genetic component?  All of my daughters are good with color and composition.  My youngest daughter oozes with talent with her painting, sewing, crocheting.  My middle daughter crafts a dozens of ways – making amazing ornaments, wreaths, and so much more.  My oldest daughter draws beautifully and her counted cross stitch projects are incredible.  Obviously with my crafting skills and Beth’s crafting skills (family friend) they were raised with crafting days.  I just wonder if it is more than that. 

It also makes me wonder if work ethic / entrepreneurial endeavors are also genetic.  I have my editing business on the side, Vicki has her Simply Natural by Vicki products, and Stephanie and Virginia are working together to build Stephanie’s sewing / crafting business.  I know my father and grandfather had a gun selling business as well as my dad sold seed corn.  My grandparents ran a shoe store.  We descend from farmers mostly (but then who doesn’t really). 

The question becomes is this nurture?  Did I learn about working hard and trying different business because my parents worked hard and then I passed it down to my daughters?  Or is there a genetic component?  That might be interesting to find out. 

Think about it.  My great grandfather ran his business for painting carriages.  If it is genetic memory or a gene then has it been passed down in my family alone it has manifested in a variety of ways and there are tons of cousins and half cousins.  This is the great grandfather who had a dozen kids.  I wonder if talent can be traced back through the generations to an original talent? 
Nature or nurture for crafting and creativeness?  I don’t know but I do love crocheting and benefiting from my family’s creativeness as well.

Nature or nurture for crafting and creativeness?  I don’t know but I do love crocheting and benefiting from my family’s creativeness. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

End of Vacation and Return to Work

While I’ve been off, I worked on cleaning my office and crocheting.  I have a box of stuff ready to ship to the girls in Georgia, a small pile for a friend, and a scarf to go to Vicki.  Here are some of the pictures from these projects:


My office is a multi-layered job.  I’ve taken the piles of paperwork on my desk and sorted them into piles of organized paperwork on the card table.  Next is to work within each of those piles to get them into organized chaos instead of just chaos. 

During my time off, I have enjoyed quiet and calm days with little to stress me.  I think my toughest decision has been what to watch while I crochet.  I’m now working on season two of Charmed.  Today I will work on a few writing tasks and crocheting. 

A wonderfully talented and generous friend has taken pictures for me to use for my cover of my romance novel.  I’m going to have a difficult time choosing just one from the group of pictures she sent me.  Somehow with just a brief description she has managed to capture what I wanted in several photos.  I’ll have to figure out which ones to try and which one to finally use. 

After I’ve made up a few samples to ponder over, I will probably go back to crocheting and watching tv.  It is cold – only about 8 degrees with wind chill taking it down to about -5 outside.  I’m not likely to go out if I can avoid it today.  Tomorrow I will deal with what I have to.

Next on my list for crocheting is starting the kitchen sets for those who have asked for them.  I have a list (of course) and the colors for the first person.  I will use this to determine how much I need to buy of the other colors. 

Tomorrow I return to work.  I am sure once I’m there I’ll get easily back into the groove but right now it feels very foreign.  I think that is because I was so worn out at the end of the semester from school and work.  However, I will only be dealing with work when I go back so that means less stress.  I won’t be rushing off to class and then trying to get back into work mode in between classes.  I will go to work and focus on work.  When I come home I can focus on my writing or crocheting or nothing at all if that is what I choose to do. 

I know some of you who know me well are laughing at the idea that I will do nothing but I took a whole day where I did nothing.  I played on the computer and was completely unproductive.  It happens – just not very often.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year

The new year has started with more snow on the ground.  It seems like a great day to snuggle in, watch movies, have soup, and just be quiet.  Of course I will be crocheting as well.  My to do list is ever growing for crocheting.  I like it that way.

For the past two years I’ve been very focused on school to the near exclusion of everything else.  I know the new year is traditionally the time to set goals but right now I just want to look forward to not having a crazy schedule.  In general writing and crocheting are my goals for the year but getting more specific than that seems like too much at this point.

Reflecting on the last year I realize I’ve been very stressed out with school and getting things done.  I was playing Collapse last night and realized (even in the silly game) that I have very high expectations of my performance.  That is good in that it produces some really good work but it also puts a lot of stress on me.  I see that in the last year I’ve done that a lot (particularly this last semester).  I don’t see that standard changing as I move forward but finding a balance will allow me to be less stressed.  Not everything has to be PERFECT. 

This last year my girls have accomplished a lot.  Vicki got a job, Virginia lost a job and got two better jobs.  Stephanie has advanced within her job.  Ken and I are truly empty nesters now with none of our daughters at home.  Mostly I am enjoying the quiet.  This year I’ve seen my daughters more, which is wonderful.  We met up at Vicki’s for Memorial Day and Thanksgiving.  The Georgia girls made it home for Christmas.  Stephanie also flew home for weddings in the state and stayed with us.  Vicki has been back a couple of times as well.  I love visiting because we get to have the “Yeah I’m happy to see you” without the “I’m tired of being around you”.

This last year I’ve still managed to get a few things published even though I wasn’t focused too much on that.  A poem in the Muse and articles in Circle Magazine, the big deal for me was to get paid for a small article in Woman’s World. 

Overall it has been a good year full of good times.  There are always struggles but it is how we manage them that counts.  I believe we have done well with that – it is never easy to handle sorrow or difficulties but to come through them is what counts.  I’ve gotten through 2013 with more on the positive than on the negative and that is the best I can hope for.

Back at the Grindstone

With nine days off, you would think I got a lot accomplished.  I did when it comes to spending time with my girls but off my to-do list?  No...