Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Publications - sort of...

I just discovered that three of my items have been published in books or on the kindle.  The one is a compilation of CC&D magazine into a book.  It is called Cultural Touchstone and is available on Amazon.  I have two poems in there.  In After the Apocalypse I have one poem (a duplicate of one in Cultural Touchstone).  There is a poetry edition and a datebook edition.  I have to order the datebook edition yet. 

Also one of my short stories was published in Deadman’s Tome and that is now available on Kindle.  I was surprised when I did a search on Amazon and discovered my name came up with it. 

I’ve not been doing a lot of submissions because I’ve been so busy with school and work.  It is great to see my stuff out there in new formats.  The downside is I don't get paid for any of them.  However, people are seeing my work.   

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