Sunday, September 23, 2012


At my job, a request has been made for all publication for faculty and staff in the last year.  My faculty know I write so they have encouraged me to participate.  I was feeling like I hadn’t done much over the last year.  Then I gathered up the material.  Since July of 2011 I’ve had a dozen items published and that doesn’t count my own personal blog or the second blog I did for a bit. 

Periodically I feel like I’m not devoting enough time to submitting my work.  I feel like I could do more and should do more in order to add to my credits.  If people don’t see your name regularly they forget who you are.  The problem is I have been focusing on writing.  I have ideas of what I want to submit where but I just haven’t taken the time (I’ve had it but spent it elsewhere). 

A dozen items printed isn’t bad.  I want more – greedy aren’t I?  I want my book out there.  I’ve been very focused on that.  I’m currently reading the guide for self-publishing on Smashwords.  I’m hoping to take my notes from that and get my romance novel out there.  Then the next step is to get a poetry book out there.  Once I go through the Smashwords process, I will want to get paper copies done too so yet another process. 

I feel like the process is never ending.  I know that in addition to the actual publishing I’m going to need to do marketing as well – no point in publishing if no one knows your book is out there.

I need to do two things – schedule my time better and clean my desk / office.  Then I’ll be organized and will have time set aside for the tasks at hand.  I was going to do the office this weekend but woke with a migraine this morning and went back to bed.  I got up at 11 instead of 7.  Still have a slight headache but I need to get homework done.  No office organizing today. 

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