Friday, August 31, 2012


Well August is about to leave us and September will begin.  I want to know how the time thief has managed to take a whole month and really most of summer away from me.  I feel like the summer just whipped by with no time for anything.

I’m having a four day weekend which is wonderful.  Believe it or not, I still have to clean my office and prep for my new classes.  I was going to take three classes but with all the changes to my department I decided to drop one class and just take two.  I’m taking the Grant Writing class and Manuscript Editing.  The books have arrived and I plan to scope them out this weekend. 

I’m not sure I’m ready for classes to start but I don’t really think that matters because they start Tuesday.  My Grant Writing class sounds interesting and I’m hoping to work on a real life grant that will help someone get money for a project.  I’ve connected up my instructor with some “clients” at the university, library, and my sister. 

My Manuscript Editing class I’m feeling ambivalent about.  I’ve done manuscript editing so it will be interesting to see if I will be able to build on the knowledge I already have. 

That all starts next week which is SEPTEMBER!!  Damn time thief!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Rape and Abortion

Rape is non-consensual sex.  This means if a woman says no or is incapable of choosing (i.e. is too drunk or high) to participate.  It does not matter what the victim was wearing, what the victim’s sexual history is, or if weapons are involved. 

Rape is not about sexual pleasure or fulfillment.  It is about having the power over the victim, degrading the victim, and subjugating the victim. 

GOP Candidate Akin made a foolish and archaic statement about “legitimate rape” and it shows the attitude the GOP tolerates.  Because they tolerate it, it is my opinion that they endorse this attitude towards women. 

Historically women have been treated as property.  We were traded to pay debt, sold into marriages to further men’s agendas, and we were not educated.  Here in the US we weren’t allowed a say in the political arena until the 20th century.  There still lingers this idea that women don’t know their own minds, bodies, and so on. 

There are places in our world that still hold these horrible and damaging beliefs and the practices that go with it.  Here in the US women need to stand up and say NO.  We have the power to vote.  We should get out and use that power.  We should show we won’t be held prisoner by the minority of men in this country and we will demand our rights. 

Here is the original video for Akin:

Here is a letter in response to his comments:

Here is the president’s response to Akin:

If we want to stop abortions in all except medically necessary cases then we need to be more supportive of the women who are pregnant.  This means safe and affordable birth control and health care.  This means education to dispel the myths and misconceptions so many have.  This means putting a stop to rape and if it does occur make it a harsh punishment rather than a slap on the wrist.  This means making the men as responsible for the child as women are.  This means giving support to the single mothers.  Women need to have the power and control of their lives in order to feel powerful enough to go through with pregnancy.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Some people wear perfume and other scents and some people seem to bath in them.  My problem with people who use strong perfume or even spray strong scents in a public place is that it does a couple of things to me.  Generally it attacks my nose and makes me sneeze.  It gives me headaches.  It makes it difficult for me to breath. 

If I’m unfortunate enough to have all three occur then I could end up having to leave work.  I get that you want to smell nice according to your standards.  I just want to be able to breathe.  I think that is more important than the aesthetic of a certain scent. 

I have to say I used to wear perfume and really understand the appeal.  However, once I had kids, my allergies changed and worsened I found less tolerance for the smells of other people.  How do you tactfully tell someone their scent makes you sick? 

It started with my daughters.  When they first put on their perfume, I can’t be around them.  I had to tell them to stay away until they had aired out a bit.  It isn’t just perfume though.  At one of my jobs, someone came in and sprayed disinfectant on a co-workers keyboard and work area who was out with the flu.  This is a great idea except that I was in the room and the smell of the disinfectant set off my asthma.  I ended up having to leave work. 

I’ve had to tactfully ask people to step back from me as their scent was strong.  In order to not embarrass them I always say I’ve got a sensitive nose and allergies to perfume.  Then I politely request that they sit/stand further away.  I almost always apologize and assure them it is my issue not theirs.  No one I’ve said anything to has ever taken offense as far as I’m aware. 

If you are a perfume wearer, I suggest you find out if anyone in your immediate vicinity has issues with scents and try not to wear too much.  The thing is when you love a scent you wear it often.  This means you get used to it and that you may feel like it hardly is apparent.  The best thing to do is ask someone who isn’t normally around it.  They can tell you how strong it is.  Also in a lot of work environments they are starting to ban perfumes and aftershaves.  You might want to just carry a small bottle of it so when you are going out immediately after work you can spray it then. 

No one wants to tell someone else that their very odor makes them sick.  It is uncomfortable but for some of us it is imperative to speak up.  The key is to do it respectfully and politely.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

In My Head

In my head I’ve written a dozen blog entries but every time I’ve sat down to write one I either get interrupted or can’t think of what I want to write.  So I’ve been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks.  Now my daughter can tell you that my head is a scary place to be. 

We’ve been busy around the house with trying to make meals ahead so we have left overs for lunches.  Also we bought some sweet corn from the stand at our butcher shop and cooked it up, cut it up, and put it in the freezer.  Vicki made chicken carbonara that I had for lunch all week.  It was delicious.    

I’ve also been crocheting, watching movies/DVR stuff, and reading.  I finally finished Secret Lives, the 650 page book I was reading.  Next I have to write the review for this book.  Now I get to move on to other books that are on my list.  I’ve been working on holiday gifts.  I’ve gotten a number of smaller projects done. 

In the next two weeks I need to get my office cleaned up and my bag ready for school.  I’m taking three classes in the fall unless I decide to drop one of them.  This means I have to be organized and on top of everything.  I’m definitely not there yet.

This summer has flown by and I’ve not gotten as much done as I wanted to.  However, I’m trying to not stress out about that as I have gotten some of the things done and made progress on the things I didn’t complete.  It is nearly time to switch gears from summer down time mode to school year mode. 

Friday, August 3, 2012


Yesterday at work I was working on reviewing the web site.  This is involved as I have to read every page and click on every link to make sure everything works properly.  Then I have to send an email to the web guy with any corrections.  As I’m working on the web site I think to myself it would be great if a couple of my faculty would come in before I’m done because I really need to ask questions of them. 

Well you can probably guess what happens.  The faculty I needed to talk to suddenly appeared in my office.  I got my answers and I was able to send the correct information to the web guy. 

A day or so ago I was thinking to myself I could use another editing job.  I have the time and the money would help out a lot this month.  Yesterday I got a call from someone out of the blue who wants me to work with him on editing.  I sent him an estimate today. 

Is this coincidence or synchronicity?  Perhaps it is. One way or the other it was fortunate that both happened.  I’m thankful for the occurrences.  For me these were all passing thoughts.  If I had to put into words what happened, I was working on the web site and reviewing a section and the thought flitted through my head – I have to ask this faculty member or that one if this is okay.  It is summer and most of the faculty are off contract so I don’t see much of them.  I didn’t seriously think I would see any of them.  Then my door opens and in pops one I needed to see. 

The same occurred with the editing work.  I cannot pinpoint in my head when I had the thought but at some point this week I thought to myself that I could use another editing job.  Then out of the blue I get a call for work.  I also got a call about payment from other work I did. 

Apparently somehow I’m tapping into the universal energy and drawing in what I need.  I’m very grateful for this happening and  hope I can keep the momentum going.   

Back at the Grindstone

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