Monday, May 30, 2011

Back to work tomorrow

It is my last day of vacation and I've realized what a great vacation I had.  It was busy to say the least.  I've gotten errands and household things done.  I've sorted paperwork (still have a pile to go) and I've filled out paperwork.  On top of those tasks, I've played too.  I've read books, watched DVDs, crocheted and just basically relaxed. 

My writing piles are now organized into some semblance of order.  I think it will work as a system but I'll have to see how things go.  I've got my genealogy and personal bills organized as well (or at least slots for them so I have some place to slide things when I get them. 

Today I'm going to attempt to work at my desk.  I don't know if I'll actually get to writing things but I'm going to hope so.  I have a little more organizing to do (one more stack of paperwork to get through) and then hopefully I can tap into the creative side and work on writing.

I haven't thought about work more than for a minute or two while I've been on vacation.  It has been a good six days off and I'm glad I took it.  I feel relaxed and ready to return to work tomorrow. 

Friday, May 27, 2011


Yesterday I was on track and getting things done on my list.  I got folders created for projects and categories.  I got paperwork cleared off my desk, organized and put away.  I was on track.  Huge stacks of paperwork have been sorted and dealt with.  I'm down to just a few more.  I thought for sure I was going to complete the tasks at hand. 

Nope... I was corrupted.  First I was drawn away to have breakfast with my daughter.  Then she wanted to watch stuff on the DVR and it was stuff I wanted to watch so I might as well watch with her.  Then the UPS guy brought our new kindles.  After that I was a goner.

My daughter corrupted my determination to get all this stuff done.  She forced me to relax and spend time with her.  She made me cook for her.  She made me play with my kindle.  It was such a hardship... :)

In all honesty, I got a lot done even before she rolled out of bed.  However, I was also getting stressed out with each new decision.  Did I categorize these things right?  Oh yeah and I'm pretty sure by 10:30 my stomach was complaining that I'd not put anything of substance in it. 

Today we ran around everywhere.. or so it seemed.  We went to the next town over to pick up our friend and stop at the library.  Then to Madison to go to the doctor, book store, and out to lunch.  Then we came home and all I wanted was a nap. 

Here it is almost 11:30 at night and I'm trying to decide whether to work on my pile of paperwork or go to bed... I'm thinking bed will win out and I'll hope that tomorrow will get me back on track with the paperwork... wait I think I promised to help the corrupting daughter organize some of her stuff... dang... will I ever finish my lists?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Writing organization

Writing is wonderful for me.  It takes me away from everything that annoys me.  It relaxes me in a way almost nothing else does.  Yet I find myself being annoyed because I'll come across a good lead for submitting my work but then I can't find what I want.  Obviously the creative side is struggling with the logical side of me. 

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the morning wading through piles of paperwork.  How is it that so much paper can be accumulated in so short of a time?  I worked my way through bills, filing, taxes, receipts, and a whole lot of junk.  I handled calls, organizing and sorting.  When it came to the ginormous pile of writing stuff I needed to get organized I felt incapable of tackling it. 

Fortunately my stubborn side (not that I'm admitting to being stubborn) took over.  I looked through my office supplies and found things that would help.  I snitched (with his permission) an organizer from Ken's side of the desk.  I set up the card table and started the sorting process.  I had no idea it would take so much.

My piles were poetry, projects, research, submission guidelines, rejection notices, and other.  On my daughter's advice I let go the rejection notices.  They all went into the recycling bin.  Then I started working on sorting the other piles into smaller categories.  I got through the research pile and made a start on the submission guidelines pile.  I also made a list of a few places I had guidelines for but that they were outdated so I needed to go look up the new guidelines. 

That took me till 1 am last night.  This morning I'm up (barely), thinking, and almost ready to tackle these piles again.  I'm hoping to finish them off so I can actually work on writing. 

Lately, I feel like I've been lax at submitting things for publication.  I've been so focused on books (of which I'm neck deep in three or four of them) that I've not been submitting my poetry or articles anywhere.  I need a day where I can focus on that. 

Aside from my writing I still have two other bins on my desk to address - school issues and genealogy.  I'm not touching the genealogy until much later in the weekend but I do need to get the school stuff done.

As always I guess I have lots to do and need to just wade right in...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have lists for everything.  I have mental lists and physical lists.  I have lists for writing, housework, weekend tasks, work, and errands.  I even have lists for other people.  Sometimes I think I have too many lists.  Yet without my lists I think I’d be lost.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed with following these lists.  I’m more than able to go off list and do things completely off any list.  It just seems like I’m constantly making lists.  Some of them I trust to my memory and others I don’t – because they are too important perhaps.

I’m very good at throwing out my lists as I need to.  When I’m done with them or mostly, I can easily toss the list into the recycle bin without a second thought.  This is a good thing because if I couldn’t do this then I’d be buried under my lists.  Instead of being that crazy cat woman on the block, I think I might be the crazy list person on the block. 

My lists help me organize my thoughts and my life.  They help to make me more efficient.  Once I get my errands list in mind I can plan out the most efficient way to run them.  Thus I am using as little gas as possible and not back tracking because I forgot something (usually).

Every now and again, I do something crazy and go off list completely.  I spend time doing whatever I want rather than working from my list.  I guess I can be a bit of a rebel even from my own strictures…

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Good Weekend

Saturday was spent doing errands, placing orders, and getting things checked off my list.  When I went to bed on Saturday night I felt like I’d accomplished a number of good things. 

Sunday I was slow to get out of bed.  I just wanted to laze in bed.  When I did finally drag my sorry bum out of bed, I showered and sat at my computer doing non-thinking things like playing on Facebook.

After a while, I went to the kitchen and cut up melons and prepped things for lunch (hadn’t had breakfast but hey it was Sunday).  The rest of the day I spent watching DVDs or DVR programs.  I crocheted a bit – the afghan is coming along nicely.  It’s about half done I think.  I spent time with Ken and Vicki.  At some point I felt a bit slug like but decided that was what Sundays are for. 

The only thing I didn’t really get to this weekend is writing.  I’m hoping that with six days off this next weekend I’ll be able to get a good bit of writing done. 

Somehow I managed to get a lot of stuff done this weekend and still feel like I got a weekend.  This is a good thing because it allows me to go back to work rejuvenated and refreshed – at least till I get to work and realize all the stuff on my desk…

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Political Beliefs

I just read an article that expresses how I believe.  It isn't about a party it is about a belief system.  It is about helping those who are unable to help themselves.  It is about empowering as many people as possible.  It is about good education.  It is about everyone - EVERYONE - having equal rights.

I don't understand how people can look at the bullshit put out by the current Republicans in Wisconsin and think oh hey - this is good for all of Wisconsin.  It baffles me how people think turning down money from the federal government that will create jobs, bring in tourism, and take us forward is bad for Wisconsin. 

How can people think that taking nearly a billion dollars from education is going to improve the educational system?  How is collective bargaining going to balance the budget?  How is removing senior care going to help our society?  How is defunding Planned Parenthood going to improve our standard of living? 

None of these things are going to work or be good for Wisconsin.  We will become one of the WORST states to live in instead of one of the best.  We currently have good schools here.  Do they need help?  YES... where are the innovative ideas?  Well they are sitting on the sidelines because the conservatives don't like change - unless they propose them. 

How does providing free birth control cause abortions?  Oh yeah - it doesn't.  It does in fact prevent unwanted pregnancies, which in turn puts a stop to abortions.  This, however, is not really the goal of taking away Planned Parenthood.  It is a matter of trying to keep women in their place by keeping them pregnant and poor. 

In a great number of cases, men - or should I say sperm donors - do not stick around for the rearing of the the child.  They in fact are missing.  Instead of blaming single mothers for everything wrong in our society, perhaps we should be looking at the men in our society.  Why do we accept dead beat dads?  Why do we allow the fathers to walk away from their children?  Please don't give me that bullshit about men are meant to spread their seed and it being a genetic imperative.  We are allegedly evolved, intelligent humans.  There are things that are supposed to set us apart from the animals like our intelligence. 

Here is a tip to the Pro-Lifers - you want women to stop having abortions.  This is your goal.  Then make it so there is NO stigma to giving a child up for adoption.  Then make it so a woman is not penalized in her work and her PAY because she has to take time to have these babies.  Make sure there is free, safe, and good birth control out there.  Educate EVERYONE about how to prevent pregnancy without expecting them to not have sex.  Really that doesn't work.  Make the fathers step up and be responsible for their offspring.  Ultimately give the woman back the control of her own body.  In most cases women will choose what is best for them. 

What sparked this rant?  Well here is the link to the article that started it all.  I'm a liberal.  From the looks of former liberals it seems I'm in good company...

Thursday, May 19, 2011


It seems like I’ve struggled against these all my life.  From my parents’ expectations to society’s expectations, I find them restrictive and unreasonable.  I know I have my own expectations of others as well but I try to keep them to a minimum.

People seem to think I’ll be something (you fill in the blank) and when I’m not they are disappointed.  I say stop expecting me to be a particular way or to react a certain way or be whatever it is you think I should be.

Here is a perfect example.  When I turned 40 everyone said I would be miserable.  I would be sad and feel old.  I didn’t.  I actually liked stepping forward into this decade of my life.  I felt better about myself in a lot of ways than I had in my 30s.

When my kids moved out, people said I would be sad and miss them.  I love my girls.  I enjoy their company.  I enjoy spending time with them.  When Ken and I had a few months with NO kids in the house, it was wonderful.  We came together when we wanted to and avoided each other when we were grumpy.  It was just us.  I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. 

The point of having kids is to raise them to be adults – hopefully responsible and independent.  Not to keep them clinging to our sides forever.  That is unhealthy.

Out of all the expectations, I think the ones that it is hardest to not meet are the ones I set on myself.  It is easy enough to say to “them” that you shouldn’t have expectations of me and tell them to go jump in a lake (I’m being nice here).  When it comes to my own expectations of myself though, these are the hardest for me.  I don’t have a lot – probably because I don’t like them.  But when I do fail to meet expectations, I beat myself up.  These are the moments when I feel like a failure.

These are also the motivating moments for me.  If I haven’t finished my to do list for the weekend, I am motivated to either keep working on it during the week or be more focused with the next to do list. 

Expectations are hard because sometimes we can’t help but have them.  Often they aren’t met.  Sometimes they are ridiculous.  Mostly they are unspoken. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

These are two little letters.  They form a single word.  This word has a meaning.  If men do not understand this word, then they need to not be in society. 

I watched The View today.  They were discussing Dominque Strauss-Kahn head of International Monetary Fund.  He allegedly attacked a housekeeper in a $3000 a night hotel room.  I listened to only part of the discussion because quite frankly I was appalled and disgusted.

Barbara Walters commented that this man may have an addiction.  Well I don't give a damn.  I really don't.  Just because you are male and have external genitals it does not give you the right to poke it wherever the hell you want to. 

If you are poking some person with it - then they damn well should have said yes I want to be poked.  Otherwise it is rape.  It doesn't matter if you hit them.  It doesn't matter if you are on a date.  It does matter if the person is impaired (the pokee not the poker).  If a person is not able to say yeah or nay - no poking allowed. 

There is no excuse a man can give that justifies poking when someone says NO.  Women need to stop allowing the men to use these feeble and ridiculous excuses.  You are a grown adult male.  You have had to learn to control your bodily functions.  You have had to be educated and live in civilized society.  That means you keep your damn pokey parts to yourself unless you have been told YES I WANT TO BE POKED.

No more excuses.  If you don't understand one of the smallest words in the English language then you don't belong in society.  You should be locked away. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Work

We work all week to get to the weekend.  You'd think that we'd spend our time relaxing, kicking back and enjoying ourselves.  Nope.  I spent my weekend cleaning closets, going through boxes, writing and editing (okay that is fun), and organizing things.  Ken cleaned the garage and took a truck full of stuff to Goodwill.  He also moved things around for me that I couldn't lift myself and rearranged furniture as I asked him to. 

Now I have more desk space that is better organized.  I have to go through my pile of writing stuff though and figure out a system for that.  My writing is a constant question of what is the best way to organize it.  At some point I'll figure out a good system. 

After all the work this weekend, I still don't have my closets cleaned.  I still have work to do in my office to get it organized.  My brain is still churning on how to best utilize my space and organize my stuff.  It's just that I need to mull it over for a while before I come up with an idea. 

I need a week of doing nothing more than genealogy to go through the boxes of stuff in my closet.  That doesn't include my mother's genealogy stuff that we need to get organized. 

I've got five chapters left to get on the computer for edits for my manuscript.  That will be my next task.  I'm hoping to finish that process off so I can have someone else read it and tell me what they think (thanks Vicki).  I'd like to get back to writing but probably by the time I'm done with the edits I'll move on to something else.

This weekend has been a case of so much to do.  Fortunately we got a lot of it done.  There will be more to do.  There always is.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Storms and other thoughts

The grumbling rolling low thunder reverberates through the whole house as I snuggle into my covers.  I just want to lay in bed and listen (or sleep) to the storm.  As a child, I remember being afraid of storms.  One of my early memories is of my sister Teri crawling into bed with me and comforting me during a storm.  She told me that the thunder was just the angels bowling. 

I don’t know if it was her assurances or the soothing nature of the storms but since then I’ve loved storms.  When a storm rolls through I love to watch the clouds, dance and race across the sky.  I love to feel the thunder rumble through the very core of me.  I love the surprise and beauty of the moment of lightning.  It is so symbolic that lightning is so beautiful and so quick to pass.  That is somewhat like beauty in life.  Our looks really only last a short time.

Storms are tumultuous, unpredictable, and fierce.  Yet whenever we have one, I feel a sense of calm and balance.  My poor aching joints don’t like them but my spirit seems to be able to ride storms like a well-trained horse.  The storms rage around me and others scurry for cover.  I stand and watch. 

The storms seem to engage all my senses.  The smell of a summer storm is different from that of an autumn storm.  Spring storms bring a cleansing and newness with them.  While winter storms are often crisp and clear. 

There is even a different taste to the storms.  Stick out your tongue to catch a snowflake.  It tastes different than the raindrop of a summer thunderstorm. 

People often grumble about the gray days.  I find them to match life.  There are times we are sunny and bright and there are times we are gray.  We need both and hopefully find a balance in all of it. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What is up with the Wisconsin politicians being such idiots?  I think the middle and lower class people get that budgets need to be adhered to.  I think that this group of people KNOW better than anyone that they have to live within their means.  I think our politicians haven't a damn clue what it takes to live within a budget and manage on less. 

If they did, they wouldn't be trying to break this group of people.  They'd be looking at what hurts this group of people and trying to fix it.  Ron Johnson has put out a budget - I'm afraid to go look.  I'm betting it is a rework of Paul Ryan's budget. 

If you take money away from the poor, they don't work harder because they are already working damn hard.  They just get poorer.  Crime goes up because if you can't afford food and you can't get help to buy food, then you are going to steal it.  If you go to the rich neighborhoods and steal their toys and sell it then you have money for food or gas or....

I'm baffled by how inane these people seem to be.  They are telling me to tighten my belt while they give the big corporations tax breaks.  How is that right?  How is that taking care of the constituents in your district?  They want to take away my right to choose.   They want to end health care, social security, and other things that help the poor.  Why?  How can the poor and the middle classes make up for the trillions of dollars in the deficit? 

The deficit grew by leaps and bounds when Bush (the bastard) gave the oil companies, corporations, and rich people all these tax benefits.  Here's a thought.  If those tax benefits were the cause of the deficit and essentially the economy tanking, then logically we should take those tax benefits away.  Right? 

I forgot.  These are greedy and selfish people who don't care about their neighbors or their country.  They just want to line their own pockets. 

I'm so sick of this debate.  The people have spoken.  If you can't hear them then you are in the WRONG job.  It is time for you to go.  If you won't go willingly, then we will vote you out. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Back to Work

It's time to go back to work.  Normally I'm a bit cranky in the morning (okay more than a bit).  This morning though I am feeling pretty darn good.  The weekend was very productive.  I got a lot of stuff done. 

My to do list got a lot of stuff crossed off.  From the crocheting to writing things I wanted done.  They almost all got done.  I have only two things left on my list.  I always have more than is possible to do on my lists so the fact that I got it down to just two left, that is impressive. 

Friday I got a goodie in the mail.  A friend took a trip to England and sent me a dragon and some shells she got from there.  I have to find a home for the dragon.  It is a wonderful piece.  The shells are wonderful.  A bit ago she shared some pictures from one of her trips.  I fell in love with one of them.  She also shared a poem and I thought the two should go together.  She very kindly allowed me to have the picture blown up and place the poem on top of it.  This picture hangs in my office at home.  The shells she sent me were from the place in the picture.  I have to find a special place for them.  They are two tiny perfect specimens and are beautiful. 

All in all, the weekend was a good one.  Lot's done, goodies from friends, good Mother's day - I couldn't ask for a better time.  Something rare has happened - I woke up in a good mood and ready to face my day without having to wake up for hours.  Odd but nice...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

With it being a national holiday everyone is touting how great mother's are.  We are.  However, I don't want to talk about motherhood.  I want to talk about my daughters.  Without them this day would have little meaning to me.

Motherhood came to me unexpectedly.  It took me over and rousted me from my own childhood.  I went from a self centered, careless teen to a young woman with a daughter.  My daughters were not planned.  They all came at times when we were not expecting them.  The blessing of their existance just happened to us. 

When I think of my daughters, I think of the strong, independent, lovely young women they are.  I see in them the potential and accomplishments.  I see more than that, maybe this is just what being a mom is but... I see the infant who kept me up for nights on end with colick.  I see the clinging two year old who didn't want mom to leave.  I see the little girl who chased after her sisters rushing to catch up to and be in the middle of all they were doing. 

All of the stages the girls went through, all of the what they have been is in the confident young women they are.  I see the pain of loss, the love they have for each other and the world.  In them I see wonder and joy.  I see turmoil, temper, argumentativeness, and a need for acceptance on their terms. 

I've often emailed out mom bragging moments.  Today on Mother's day, I keep thinking of my girls and how proud I am of them.  They are amazing.

I never planned to have children back in my teen years.  I'm so glad that they came along and changed those plans.  They are what made me a great mom. 

Prodctive day...

I confess to being a list maker.  I will make myself a list of things I want or need to get done in a weekend.  I'm always over ambitious on the projects and under estimate the time it will all take. 

On my list - don't worry I won't bore you with the entire thing - I had three writing projects to work on, some household stuff, and some crocheting stuff.  Just writing that down, my inner voice is saying - are you nuts?  That's too much to do in one weekend.  Maybe...

It was a good day today.  I got edits for 17 more chapters on the computer.  At the same time I'm working on a chapter summary to see where I can consolidate and edit out some of the details in my too long manuscript.  I edited an essay and submitted it for consideration.  I've not gotten to the third writing project but I've been a bit busy so far.

In addition to the writing stuff, I got the crocheting stuff done that I needed to.  I made some small gifts for my student workers.  They are all organized and ready to go.  Hopefully Ken will wrap them for me tomorrow.  I need to make labels for each one... that was not on my list.

It is silly, I know but I LOVE being able to cross things off my list.  It makes me feel good.  The list is a tool to keep me on track.  Now I am not so far gone that if I deviate from my list I get upset or annoyed (well mostly I don't). 

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  There isn't a lot planned for the day.  I'm hoping I'll be able to get a lot done tomorrow too.  Maybe I'll be able to cross off everything on my list... okay that won't happen but maybe I'll come really close.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


For a long while I've been working on editing a manuscript.  I've spent a lot of time just rereading and tightening up the story.  Tonight (or should I say this morning really) I spent an hour putting those edits into the file.  I got four chapters done. 

It felt like no time passed at all.  How can something so simple be so enjoyable?  I know this makes me a geek.  I'm embracing my geek.

When I finished off the editing part, I said now I just have to put it in the electronic version and make a chapter summary.  Well I'm doing both at once.  I have my spreadsheet open to summarize the chapters, including keeping a word count. 

The romance genre publishers look for manuscripts about 50,000 - 75,000 words long.  Mine manuscript was at 100,000 plus.  I've got it below 94,000.  I have a long way to go.  However, I decided I wasn't going to dump large chunks before I did the chapter summary. 

I've only worked through 4 chapters but there may be a whole chapter I can get rid of.  This will be about 650 words.  If I'm looking for big chunks than this might be one place to do it.  I'm hoping this weekend I can get a lot of this editing and summarizing done. 

The next step - at least in my mind - is to save the longer version.  With a copy of it take and hack the heck out of it.  When I'm done, see how the story tells itself.  If it still makes sense then get rid of it and hope I'm more in the range for the genre.  I'll have to see how it goes....

Thursday, May 5, 2011


There is so much going on in politics I cannot believe it.  Oh a lot of the hoopla seems to have quieted but really there is a lot we need to be watching.

Supreme Court Recount is going on.  There has been extra drama from that arena with votes left unattended and unaccounted for, extra bags or mismarked bags.  It makes me wonder if there is some mischief going on to ensure the outcome.  You can go to the GAB's site and see how the recount is coming.  There is a county by county breakdown with some interesting info on the home page or if you go into the recount page you can see the HUGE spreadsheet that is used to track the numbers for the recount.

Recalls - go out and look at all the signatures.  There has been some hinky things there.  Apparently on the democratic recalls, dead people signed.  Go check out the signatures and see if you catch anything odd.  There's a section and you have to click on each individual group...

On a national level I just want to say - WHAT THE FUCK????  I'm outraged that Paul Ryan is my representative.  I've written to him numerous times on multiple topics and get these idiotic responses.  It is very repetitive and impersonal.  The bill they just passed is HORRENDOUS.  It isn't up to the government to decide what a woman does with her body but they are once more trying to penalize and prevent women from having a choice. 

Every time I hear Paul Ryan's name on the news, I think what the hell has the idiot done now.  It is embarrassing.  I'll be doing everything in my power to get him voted out next.  His budget bill was a slap at everyone but the rich.  The Republican party used to stand for something but now I think they've all been bought.  They don't stand for anything except greed - in my opinion...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lunch hour

During lunch today I spent my time figuring out a schedule.  I ate quickly and then got down to figuring out what classes I want to take when. 

It looks like if I do just two classes a semester I'll be in school for four years.  This means that I'll be 51 when I graduate and a lot more money in debt.  The next thing I'll be looking at is how much I can pick up during the summer sessions and if I can save enough from one year of financial aid to pay for another year. 

My biggest concern now - not surprising - is the cost of going to school.  Financial aid will be all loans.  I do think I might qualify for some scholarships but because I already have one degree it narrows the opportunities.  The question becomes how much in debt do I want to go.

If the money falls into place, I'm looking forward to taking classes and being challenged to think and write in different ways.  I'm looking forward to refining the skills I have and sharpening them.  Hopefully in the long run this will lead to a profitable second job / later in life career. 

I'm going to be a writer.  I might as well have the degree to go with it.  Hopefully it will assist me in making my hobby into something more.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It is official - to a point.  I am definitely going to school in the fall.  I’ve had my advising session.  It was okay.  I thought I’d get more direction and more input on the classes I need to take but I didn’t.  I was told to email professors to see if they’ll allow me into classes that have closed. 

I’ve emailed two professors already and am waiting to hear.  One already said no.  The other I’m still waiting on.  Of course I want an answer NOW but I’ll be patient.  The web based section turned me down.  I’m waiting to hear from the night class teacher to see if he will let me in to the writing class I really want to take.  If that doesn’t work out I’ll see what other classes I can get in to.     

If I can get into two night classes then I don’t need to adjust my schedule at all.  If not – I’ll try for classes I can get into and just adjust my work schedule.  Mostly it will mean I’ll be working longer on Fridays. 

Next semester should be easier as I’ll be able to register early and not have to stress over what classes are open. 

Next hurdle to clear will be the financial aid stuff.  I’ve asked my advisor to send off an email to the person in financial aid who needs it and to CC me on it.  I’ll wait a day or two to see if she does it.  If not, then I’ll zip her off an email. 

Once all of that is in place, I’ll be set for going to school in the fall.  It will be a bit odd I think but I’m also looking forward to the writing classes.  It will be fun to take classes and fine tune my skills.  With any luck it will help me get a book or two published and/or pick up a part time job for editing.

Come September, I’m going to be a college student again… how weird is that?

Monday, May 2, 2011


Every spring our front garden slowly starts to blossom.  I’ve had white daffodils blooming for the last two or three weeks.  This morning I was a bit grumpy because I was up early and had to go back to work.  It isn’t the work – it is the up early part.  I stepped out of my house feeling slightly grumbly and looked at my garden as I try to every morning.  This morning I was greeted by happy bright pink flowers on my rhododendron bush.  It was cheerful and bright and beautiful.  It made me smile.

I went to grab my phone and realized I’d left it inside.  I had to find my house keys and go back for my phone.  Then I snapped a quick shot of my pretty flowers and text my two daughters in Georgia.  The response I got was – look no snow.  Never mind the gorgeous flowers.  They just commented on the no snow. 

To be fair, we’ve had a bit of a gloomy month for April.  We had snow and a lot of rain.  I’m definitely ready for there to be some bright days.  Just because she lives in Georgia and they’ve had beautiful weather for like three months, doesn’t mean she should rain on my parade. 

Well I just ignored her comment and enjoyed the pretty flowers.  They are a pink / purple color that is just a happy color.  It put a smile on my face and started my day right.  Now I’ll have to keep watch on the rest of the garden to see what pops up next. 

In my back yard I have a daffodils and hyacinth up.  The hyacinths are pink and purple.  The daffodils are white.  At some point I’m going to have more tulips.  They are one of my favorite spring flowers.

My bushes in the back yard are sprouting green and red.  I have some dogwood bushes, hydrangea, lilac, and others I can’t remember the names of.  The spirea bushes haven’t bloomed yet and I’m waiting on those.  We have two in the front yard and one in the back yard. 

It will be so nice to sit in the yard again.  It will be great to enjoy the smells and sounds in the yard.  I’m looking forward to the spring and summer.

Back at the Grindstone

With nine days off, you would think I got a lot accomplished.  I did when it comes to spending time with my girls but off my to-do list?  No...