Monday, October 11, 2010

First day...

First day on the job and its gone rather well considering I didn't have an ID to log on to anything.  I took time to look through drawers etc.  This is about the only time its acceptable to be snoopy. 

I actually got to perform one task - logged in as someone else - but it was good to learn the one thing.  Hopefully tomorrow my log on works - not holding my breath though.

Tomorrow should be interesting because my boss is gone all day tomorrow.  So I'm not sure how much I'll have to do. 

I did make it to the pool for a 1/2 hour work out.  That was FABULOUS to get back in the water and work out.  It was colder than usual but still enjoyed.  I also enjoyed the 10 minutes in the hot tub. 

This week promises to be a long week.  I'm sure I'll settle in a bit, learn lots and keep moving forward.  Right now though - I'm just plain whipped.


  1. Hang in there! It's possible that your login wasn't ready because DOA was closed yesterday (the whole world EXCEPT the UW and schools were closed yesterday!) I think since it's still a quasi-state job, things need to be set up or approved by DOA.

    I remember my first day on this job; my appointment letter directed me to room 601 but my boss wasn't in room 601 (he was in the adjoining room, 651) so I bothered an especially evil woman to help me. She sighed, rolled her eyes, lead the way...all the while making me feel like a total heel. It was AWFUL!

    Just kidding!

    The woman was really nice and, as it turned out, I got to work with her as time went on. - and she became a friend I could turn to (over and over and over). Of course, she's abandoned me now, but *sniffle* I'll survive...

    Okay, 'nuff said. You have yourself a good day - and I hope they get your login going...if nothing else, you can read the news and celebrity gossip!

  2. BTW - my (very neglected) blog is at You were having problems commenting on the Yahoo one so started one up on Wordpress. :)

  3. Apparently the person who was supposed to get me set up retired last Friday. So no one in that department had ever heard of me. I don't think DOA has much to do with the UW system... I think they work independently of the rest of the state system... I could be wrong...

    As for the evilness - you were right on track until you ruined it with that sappy stuff... LOL.. I do miss you and once I get email at work we will be able to email during the day - I still need all the gossip from over there... :)

    I actually spent a bit of time looking over web pages for professors and discovered a couple of errors - I was trying to decide if it would be rude to point them out in my first week... I probably will... in for a penny, in for a pound...

  4. I've updated the link on the side so others can go to your blog as well...


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