Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chaos before Order

We've been doing a lot of reorganizing and rearranging in order to make things more to our liking in our house.  One thing I've decided is that you go from a sense of order to complete chaos and disruption before you can gain a better sense of order.  We've been working on our office for a while.  We had reached a state of well balance - the chaos had been conquered a bit but we weren't quite done with the office.  Now we've taken one more step in getting it arranged the way we want it and we are living in a touch of chaos once again.  Honestly - I got sick of waiting for this project to move forward so I took matters into my own hands and shifted things around. 

I confess I'm the one who creates the chaos.  I'm the one who gets fed up with things not working and make changes.  I pull things out, get the big things where I want them... then start on the details of things.  I'm the one who says - this room / arrangement isn't working.  I suggest and offer solutions.  Then Ken ends up implementing most of them.  Part of this is because I have limitations on what I can do and part of it is because he doesn't like me to do certain things.  Sometimes he just shakes his head at me in dispair. 


  1. Hey Eileen--you've made a wonderful start on blogging. You deserve a gold star. Well, what you're getting is a blue one, and a little mention on my blog. Check it out:

  2. Well thank you ma'am... that is super nice. I have added a link to your blog on my site - would have done it sooner but just figured out how to...


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