Saturday, October 30, 2010

Raises and benefits

Three weeks into my job and I’ve realized I’m not taking pain killers at all.  I’m not sitting in my office counting the minutes until I can take more pain killers.  I’m not coming home in so much pain I don’t want to get out of my car. 

I didn’t get a raise with my new job.  It was a lateral transfer just to a different location and job duties essentially.  This lack of pain – that is my pay raise.  I feel more creative, energetic, and happier.  Heck I have a cold and I feel better than I did when I was in so much more pain.

I’ve been going to the pool more regularly.  I haven’t quite made it four days a week yet.  This is mostly because I refuse to go when I’ve got a cold so that is my choice.  I can say that when I end my day away from home in a hot tub, I go home in a much better frame of mind.  If I’ve been coping with some pain during the day the soak in the hot tub makes it all melt away.

In addition to my love of the hot tub, I am also working out for about 15 minutes with exercises and walking in the pool.  This feels great.  I feel like I have more ability to move and do things.  I feel good about myself for doing it.  Amazingly I miss it when I don’t go. 

With this renewed energy I’m finding that I am able to do things again that I had given up.  It gives me hope that maybe if I keep working on it I might have more flexibility and ability to get around better.  Like everything else in life - it is a matter of determination. 

Shocker for me…

I was catching up on DVR programs the other night.  One of them, as I’ve said before, is The View.  I was watching hot topics of one of this week’s shows where they were discussing the governor’s race in Oklahoma (I think).  Apparently one of the candidates said she would make a better governor because she has six kids and a husband and her opponent has never been married or had kids.  They were bickering about it and Elizabeth (who I never agree with) came out with a statement that surprised me.  Did I mention I never agree with her?  Well she said this should not be used in the race because if they use motherhood etc as an argument for being a good candidate for governor (or anything else for that matter) then they can also use it as an argument for being a bad candidate for governor (or anything else). 

I completely agree.  If you are applying for a job and they ask – are you married?  Do you have children?  - that is discrimination.  Marital and parental status has little bearing on how well someone is going to do in a job.  Plus why are women being held to this standard (which Joy brought up).  No one asks a man – well what type of husband / father are you? 

Sherry made a point which annoyed me.  She said that parents are more compassionate.  The example she used was that people who become annoyed with noisy children in an airport / airplane are typically not parents.  I have to disagree with her completely.  I’m a parent and noisy kids annoy the heck out of me.  Now I understand that there are times when you have to discipline your kid and also when they are fussy.  But I’ve seen parents do the dumbest things when it comes to their kids.  They either cave in and give them what they want when they shouldn’t or they ignore the bad behavior and wonder why everyone else is annoyed with their kid.  They are annoyed because you aren’t doing your job. 

Kids cry and fuss.  That goes without saying.  How a parent handles it determines whether I’m annoyed or not.  If the parent is ignoring the behavior and the kid is misbehaving then it annoys me.  If the parent is making every attempt to distract and maintain discipline with a child then I’m not annoyed because you can see they are attempting to parent. 

There was one other issue which annoyed me.  Apparently some woman put up an ad in a church for a roommate.  She advertised for a Christian roommate.  Well this is discrimination.  All the women on the view said she should not have gotten in trouble for it.  I think she should because she was discriminating.

First she put it up in a church so most likely she is going to get someone from that targeted group.  Second all she had to do was say while interviewing that I’m a Christian and this is an integral part of my life.  Then she could have asked if that would bother or interfere with the relationship of roommates.  She really only had to put in there that she wanted a like minded roommate and then she wouldn’t have been in trouble at all.

If we let even individuals discriminate then we are allowing it everywhere because it isn’t groups that discriminate willy nilly.  It is individuals within the group who set the policies.  So if this woman were on a committee for a homeless shelter would she be willing to allow Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, etc in to the shelter?  Or would she require that everyone within the shelter be Christian? 

One more and then I promise I’m done ranting about The View.  They had a discussion about an article on the Marie Claire website concerning fat people.  I didn’t read the article or go to the website – I just know what was discussed on the View.  Apparently this author had issues with fat people in general but specifically about fat people on TV.  She objected to the Mike and Molly show (I think that is the name of it) which features two overweight individuals.  I’ve not seen this show either.  The author was very disparaging and critical.  It is obvious she has body issues of her own from the quotes I heard.  Fat people are the one acceptable discrimination left in our society.  It is okay to tell fat jokes, to look down on overweight people, to disparage and denigrate them.  This is also discrimination.  Apparently the writer got blasted because she did write an apology.  The question is did she write the apology because she rethought her point of view or because she was getting so much flack about her opinions.  One other question I have is where the hell was the editor that they allowed this to go on the website with such discriminatory wording and opinions?  Why didn’t the editor take a step back and say – hey wait a minute.  Maybe because at Marie Claire (being a fashion magazine which probably perpetuates the need for women to be size 0) doesn’t think about how those women of any size would feel about such an offensive piece. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy I tell you...

I must be crazy.  I worked on 50 pages last night, reading and editing.  I got through it all and went to bed at a reasonable hour (for me anyways).  I lay in bed and thought – that whole scene needs reworking.  Over and over in my mind it rumbled and  I knew it had to be redone.  For 15 minutes I lay there thinking about how it should be rearranged – the pieces were mostly good but they were in the wrong order. 

Could my brain shut down and let me sleep after I made the decision? Oh heck no.  I got up at 11:30 last night to redo part of the scene – did I mention this is 50 pages I’d worked on for 3 hours? 

I worked for 45 minutes rewriting and rearranging.  I got several pages redone and moved around.  To be perfectly honest, if I didn’t have a day job I wouldn’t have quit working last night but I had to get up this morning. 

It is times like this where I wish I could be doing this full time.  If I made enough money to cover my current income and our insurance needs then I would quit working my day job.  I’d write full time and hopefully sell lots of books and articles. 

Sadly I am not making enough writing so I will continue to go with little sleep and a bit of frustration.  The thing is I love the challenge.  I knew this story needed an overhaul and as I’m doing it – I am LOVING it.  It’s a challenge to let go of the ideas I had before and allow new ones to take their place.  It’s fun to see how the story will wrap around itself differently with this tweak or that change. 

The words tumble and almost trip over themselves to get on my paper.  It is amazingly enjoyable for me to struggle through this work.  Hopefully when I’m done there is a story that others will want to read and enjoy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend of work...

After a weekend of editing, rewriting, and reviewing, I've managed to get about 100 pages edited.  I'm not surprised because I made some pretty big changes to the beginning of the novel.  Now it's going quicker but I know there are several sections coming up that I'll be making more big changes to.  Hopefully one more weekend of editing (or maybe several long nights) and I'll have it done.  Then I have to get the edits into the computer and investigate more on publishing it on Kindle. 

I've not read this novel in over five or six years.  I've tried to market and sell it but it has been no go.  In re-reading it, I think it is a good story.  It moves along at a good pace.  It keeps the reader involved - at least I think so. 

The changes I've made this weekend were definitely needed.  They make the story more believable and realistic.  Revisiting it like this has helped me be objective and see the changes needed to update the story and improve the entire manuscript.  It isn't a matter of putting commas in the right place or fixing the typographical errors but of refining the story.  It is work - a lot of it - but I'm glad I'm doing it.

It is hard to be objective about my own work.  I read it and I see the flaws.  I'm also my own toughest critic.  But in reading this again, I find a good story.  I'm pleased with my work and how it's turned out.  This was my first full length novel and I think I did a good job.  Now I have to see if others agree...

Saturday, October 23, 2010


For about ten years now I've had a romance novel that I submit to different publishers.  I've never sold it unfortunately.  I had somewhat given up on selling it. 

Recently I decided that I needed to revisit this manuscript.  I am going to edit and revise it.  It's been a long while since I've read it so it will be interesting to see how this goes.  It is nearly 300 typed double spaced pages long and over 100,000 words. 

What motivated this sudden interest in this manuscript again?  Well my youngest daughter, Stephanie emailed me a link to the publishing guidelines for Kindle. ( The small bit that I've read seems like a good idea so I am going to edit this book and see if I can get it published there.  I might also try to put together a couple of poetry books to see how they do as well.  It can't hurt and maybe there will be a demand for my work.  If that happens then it might help to move my other manuscripts forward with either traditional publishers or more on Kindle or even other self publishing opportunities.

The day is rainy. I've been cleaning my desk and doing all sorts of different things for writing and the house.  I have at least made organized piles.  I will at some point need to go through those piles and deal with the items in them - some sooner rather than later. 

This is all part of my prep for getting ready to write.  It may sound strange but it helps me organize my thoughts and gives me a chance to clear out the clutter quite literally as well as a bit figuratively.

Today I'm hoping to get through a complete edit of this manuscript but I'm sure that the others in the household will have impact on my progress.  Ken and Vicki are both under the weather.  Now if I could just get the two of them to sleep and leave me alone I'm sure I could get more done....

Since I've been up for nearly two hours now, I should stop putzing around and dig in....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Second week on the job...

I'm halfway through the second week on the new job.  It has been exhausting and exhilarating all at once.  I've been tired for the last two weeks but I'm also learning a lot. 

The difference in the atmospheres and environment is very interesting.  The DOT was sort of casual for dress and in some ways for the working environment.  There was a lot of stress but we also knew how to blow off some of that stress too.

The university is definitely dressier and a bit more formal.  I think the people are a lot more understanding.  I've worked with a lot of men over the years - a lot of engineers.  Now I'm working with mostly women.  I think I like it.  They kind of do their thing and I do mine.  There isn't a lot of interference and there is a lot of respect for my knowledge and ability.

I got a great compliment from my boss today.  She said she couldn't understand why she was getting so much done.  She had cleared so much off her desk and had been very productive.  Then she came to my office and saw that I'd also been very productive.  Piles that had been cluttering up the office had been cleaned up, dealt with, and put away.  I still have a few little piles but mostly I've gotten the piles on the surfaces cleared up. 

I have not conquered this job.  I've removed some of the backlog of work and learned one or two aspects of the job.  There a lot more layers to learn and adjust to.  I'm looking forward to the challenge of them. 

Another bonus... I've started going to the pool nightly.  I started last night and went again tonight.  It is heaven to end my day sitting in the hot tub.  I de-stress a lot and the aches in my bones go away.  I come home in a better mood because I'm not in pain or on drugs.

I'm still exhausted.  I'm still waking up at 4:30 (wish that would stop already).  I am thrilled that I went eight workdays without filling my gas tank.  I used to put two tanks of gas in my car a week.  I've gone a week and a half on one tank.  That is an exciting savings.

This is a good move...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who can't google... really?

Obviously politics is a hot topic and on every one's  mind.  I'm not going to get into a debate on who is the better candidate or whatever.. I think we all know that the decision when we go to the polls is generally  a matter of who will do the least damage (though there are a few good candidates).

Christine O'Donnell from Delaware I think is a tea party candidate and has been sticking her foot in her mouth.  Like Palin she makes women look bad.  The latest hoopla is concerning the first amendment. 

I'll be the first to admit I don't know the amendments or their exact wording.  I'm also not a candidate for a public office.  But I do know google.  I know that if I go to google I can find a reputable source that will give me some information on almost any topic. 

I don't know what O'Donnell said as I didn't hear it but what I heard was that she was questioning whether the constitution actually says separation of church and state.  She apparently sees nothing wrong with mixing the two. 

If you are like me you want to go to the source and see what the constitution actually says.  So here it is from a fairly reputable source:"

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Now what people need to realize is that this was an amendment tapped on to the constitution in 1791 (that is from that site too).  Since 1791 we have had laws and other legal documents that have refined, updated, and clarified these amendments (and the constitution).  If my math is right that is 219 years of modification.  But one thing I think O'Donnell needs to do is read the original content.  It says clearly that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.  That is the opening phrase. 

She seems to want Christianity to be the state religion.  Well not everyone in the US is Christian.  So what does she propose?  For a month we all be Christian.  Then the next month we can all be Buddhists or Pagan or Muslim. Or if we are all going to be Christian, then which Christian?  Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran? 

The point of this amendment is so that people will be able to choose what they want to believe and the government can't dictate those beliefs and ideas.  This is my opinion and I'm not a constitutional scholar or anything.  Historically I believe (if I remember my history lessons right) that one of the biggest reasons that people came to this country was to escape the religious oppression that they were enduring in England and Europe.  We fought a war to be free from those beliefs.  It was in my history book.  There was a pretty big section on it - it was called the Revolutionary War.  Do we really want to go back a point where people can be persecuted, prosecuted, and demoralized for their ideas and beliefs?  People need to study history in order to understand the mistakes made and and learn from them.

Is it November 3rd yet?  I can't wait for the idiocy to be done.  Of course then we have to see what sort of idiocy the American public opted to do... it is one insane cycle....

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Good Book or Three...

I spent a very lazy day yesterday reading and lounging in front of the fireplace.  It was a spectacular day which I enjoyed no end.  It was very energizing.  The books I read were Dragon in the Driveway (young adult book), Libraries of Ancient Times, and Lady Knight.  The libraries one is a non-fiction and I read a chapter or so in it.  The other two were fiction and exceedingly enjoyable.  I laughed and cried with the books.

The other day at work I listened as a woman explained she could not read books because of her learning disability.  This is such sadness.  I think of all the books I have and read.  I would be lost without my books. 

I was reading Lady Knight last night and forced myself to put the book down because it was 11:30 and I had to work today.  I only had another 120 pages but I wanted to thoroughly enjoy the ending of this book.  I finished it off tonight and did just that.

Reading takes me away from everything.  If done right it can make me laugh, cry, and ache for the characters to win through to their goal.  It doesn't really matter the genre if it is well written it can move me.  For those who don't get to read or won't read - I feel sad that they don't know the pleasure I know in reading.

Tonight I've finished Lady Knight and there are two more lovely fictional books to read but I'll be good and go to bed.  I've got my book on ancient libraries to read during lunch tomorrow.  I'm almost done with that book.  Then I have the Gerda Lerner book on the Creation of Patriarchy.  The non-fiction books make me think.  They don't necessarily transport me to a different time and place (well that depends) but they make me think about the topics covered.  I think this is why it takes me so long to read them - I need time to digest all that I take in.

I realized today as I was packing up at work and thinking about reading tonight that I was actually still reading three books - the two non-fiction and the one fiction.  Now I'm down to two and thinking I need more.  I must be sick or something....

Sunday, October 17, 2010


It greatly disturbs me that we, as a society, seem to be leaning towards a more homogeneous society.  If we aren't all worshiping the same god or behaving the same way then those who don't are the enemy.  This country in particular was founded on the differences we have.  We wanted to be able to believe differently.  People fled the sameness in Europe and Britain to come here for religious freedom.  It didn't matter what the beliefs were, here people were free to believe as they chose to. 

Now, however, that isn't the case.  We (again as a society) seem to expect everyone to think alike and behave alike.  Women behave a particular way - they must like shopping and fashion.  Men must behave a particular way too - they  must like sports and so on. 

The sad thing about this homogeny is that it removes any chances for stellar people to stand out.  Where would we be if Henry Ford had become a Buggy builder instead of innovating the car?  Or where would we be if Thomas Edison hadn't created the light bulb? 

These people thought outside the box and believed they were capable of creating something better.  The religious and spiritual beliefs are the same.  If you look at the core beliefs of most religions you will find similar concepts.  Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, and Pagans all essentially have the same core beliefs.  Yet this seems to be a point of contention in our world.  We go back to the idea that all must believe the way I do (and you fill in the religion) or you are evil.  When will we outgrow this hateful and hurtful idea?

Most people know my mom is Methodist and my husband is Lutheran.  I took my daughters to the Methodist church so they would have an understanding of what organized religion was.  All the while I sat in church I hated it.  These are not my beliefs. 

Some who know me, know that I have chosen a different path.  Most who know me haven't a clue what my beliefs are.  I've guarded them.  I have told myself that it is because I don't want to embarrass or cause problems for my husband or my daughters.  I've skirted the issue many times in order to have some sense of normalness in life. 

These are the lies I've told myself.  In reality, I didn't want to face being different.  I've been different all my life and it is tiresome to always go against the flow.  If I'm going to tout tolerance for different beliefs then I need to be brave enough to stand up and say - I have different beliefs.  I am not a Christian like my mother or husband.  I am an eclectic witch who is seeking. 

Take a deep breath everyone - yes I used the witch word and it isn't a euphemism for bitch.  Before anyone jumps to conclusions here are my general beliefs.  I believe in a divine being.  I don't believe it is male or female.  I believe that it appears to people in those forms because we understand them but in reality the divine force is everything from the animals, plants, people, and even the earth itself.  It is everything and everywhere. 

I believe your actions and choices determine the type of life you have.  I believe in karma but again I think it is much more complicated than the simple you did bad so something bad will happen to you or you did good so something good will happen to you.  Life is a bunch of checks and balances.  Our choices determine what checks and balances happen to us.

Let me also state that while I may have these alternative beliefs from most people in society, I still go to work and pay my bills.  I don't sacrifice animals or children.  I don't worship a devil (don't believe in one).  I'm not having sex with goats or other farm animals.  These are all misconceptions about the Pagan beliefs.

I came to my beliefs later in life.  My sister Teri introduced me to some of the ideas and I've taught myself the rest in discovering who I am.  I am grateful Ken and the girls accepted my growth in this area. 

When I say we need to have tolerance for different beliefs and lifestyles I am not asking you to accept some strange far out beliefs.  I'm asking you to accept and understand me.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Went to see the movie Red today.  There was no redeeming qualities in this movie other than it made me laugh and I enjoyed the blowing up of things.  Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Mary Louise Parker... all did a great job in the movie.  It won't get any awards for being a classic but it was a good blow up action with a quirky humor movie. 

Fortunately the movie was in regular film and not the horrid 3D.  I know that is the latest craze but whenever I watch a 3D movie it gives me a headache.  When we went to the Milwaukee museum we went to a 3D movie and ended up leaving because it was bothering me so much. 

On top of which there are studies that show it isn't good for the development of childrens brains to view things in 3D.  Most people I talk to don't like them.  My daughter tells me that most comments on news stories about 3D indicate that people do not like the 3D. 

Another downside for the 3D is it costs more to go to these movies.  It can cost up to $3 more (and higher in the bigger cities) to go to a 3D  movie rather than a regular one.  I know my funds are already stretched in order for us to afford a trip to the theater and if my choice is between a movie at regular price (which is too expensive) and one that costs any amount more... I'm taking the less expensive one.

Why is it then that movie makers are jumping on the band wagon to do everything in 3D?  I don't get this - one rule of marketing is to know your targetted market.  If the targeted market is not into the 3D affects then why continue to do it? 

It appears from the one article I saw on it that after Avatar the 3D craze started to fizzle out.  So if this is truly the case why are so many movies still coming out in 3D?  I want to say to movie makers to get a clue...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Strong Women and strong opinions

I DVR the View.  I most enjoy it when Barbara Walters is on there.  She is an amazing woman.  I watched yesterday's show where Bill O'Reilly was on.  I KNOW why I don't watch this man.  He is condescending and sensational.  He says things that deliberately provoke a negative response in people.  Joy and Whoopi were so offended by his comments they walked off the interview.  This was somewhat diva like and if they were in the role of journalist then they were unprofessional.  However, when someone sits there and says Muslims (the implication being all of them) caused all the deaths for 9/11, that is offensive.  Muslims did not cause the attacks.  The Muslim faith does not tout violence or death.  Extremists who follow that faith did the heinous acts on 9/11. 

There are many incidences where Americans have caused terror and mayhem both here in the US and abroad.  If you want to point fingers and say we need to restrict movements, then we all need to take a step back and look at what principles this country was founded on.  So we restrict the KKK and white supremacists from having rallies and their freedom of speech (yes their propaganda is HIGHLY offensive).  What happens when Pro-Choice people want to rally in an area where Pro-Life is dominant?  Do we restrict them?  We have to be careful of this slippery slope.

There is an issue in front of the supreme court concerning the reverend who picketed at the same time a soldiers funeral was going on.  I find this offensive.  The supreme court has to choose between the right to privacy (which we have so little of anymore) and the right of free speech.  Which one will they restrict?  I don't know but either way they are taking our legal system onto a slippery slope.

I firmly believe the reverend was WRONG in every way.  My question is - why did the media give him so much time?  They have certainly allowed his idiocy and moral ineptitude to play longer than it should have. 

These issues are complex and volatile. Unfortunately there are no easy answers - just more questions....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I'm driving a shorter distance, I'm working shorter hours and still I come home more tired than when I was at the DOT.  How is that possible?  I know my brain is working hard to learn new things and to fit in...

I'm very happy to report that my pain level is way down from my previous job.  I'm enjoying my job (not that I'm anywhere near full capacity on tasks).  The people are super nice and it has been a good start to a new job. 

I've only made it to the pool once this week.  I'm so tired by the time I'm done the thought of going to the pool is just too much.  I'm falling asleep while I eat just about. 

Vicki has been having supper ready when I get home - delicious suppers.  I've had pork chops and stuffing, turkey filets, and bbq ribs... all good stuff.. and veggies - I like my veggies.  :) 

While I'm coping with all the learning and trying to take in all that I'm being told, I'm also enjoying the challenge.  I've got my student help doing an inventory so I can know what we have for office supplies.  They are also helping out with other things.  They have been great to work with. 

Alicia has been a JEWEL!!!!  She answers my million questions nicely.  She is always there with encouragement and assistance.  Lunch with her has been pleasant.  She reads, I read or write in my journal. 

So far this has been a very good move.  I'm sure it will continue to be so and I'll be glad when I can go to work and not be so exhausted at the end of my day....

Monday, October 11, 2010

First day...

First day on the job and its gone rather well considering I didn't have an ID to log on to anything.  I took time to look through drawers etc.  This is about the only time its acceptable to be snoopy. 

I actually got to perform one task - logged in as someone else - but it was good to learn the one thing.  Hopefully tomorrow my log on works - not holding my breath though.

Tomorrow should be interesting because my boss is gone all day tomorrow.  So I'm not sure how much I'll have to do. 

I did make it to the pool for a 1/2 hour work out.  That was FABULOUS to get back in the water and work out.  It was colder than usual but still enjoyed.  I also enjoyed the 10 minutes in the hot tub. 

This week promises to be a long week.  I'm sure I'll settle in a bit, learn lots and keep moving forward.  Right now though - I'm just plain whipped.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Job...

I start my new job tomorrow.  I am remarkably calm about it.  I'm not nervous or concerned in anyway.  I know it is the right move for me.  I also know the next six months I'll be learning all sorts of things.  I'm actually looking forward to that.  I'm hoping over my probation time I'll create a niche for myself. 

I'm excited for tomorrow to get here but not overly anxious about it - that is a nice change of pace.  I'm also excited to go to the pool tomorrow night after work.  In my head, I'm organizing all the things I have to get done today including packing my gym bag. 

It will be wonderful to go back to the pool.  I don't think I've been in the last month because I've been so busy with other things.  This way after work every night I'll be able to stop at the pool, work out, sit in the hot tub, and then come home.  I'll still get home at my normal time but I'll have gotten so much more into my day. 

Wish me luck...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Daddy Kisses...

Recently my daughter was telling me about (and I saw it on the View as well) about a woman who wrote in to Dear Margot about her husband kissing his six-year-old daughter (her step-daughter) on the lips.  The woman felt it was inappropriate for him to do this. 

My first questions was age of daughter and types of kisses.  That is when I found out it was a 6 year old.  Apparently he kisses his daughter like most parents do - lovingly.  No tongue, no passion, nothing inappropriate just lovingly like mom's and dad's do every day.

What is our world coming to when this is an issue?  Seriously I kissed my dad on the lips until he died - I was 20.  If he were still alive today I'd probably still be doing it.  Children need affection.  Furthermore if this man stops kissing his daughter because of a new wife then the daughter will resent the new wife. 

Here is another thing - why didn't this come up before they were married?  If their beliefs are so far apart that this has become an issue - wouldn't you think this should be discussed before they got married? 

I say if the action is appropriate and it doesn't make the child uncomfortable then daddy should definitely be showing his little girl he loves her.  It is a sweet and loving action meant to show love and affection - not be a competition with a sexual embrace as a kiss would be with a wife or girlfriend. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last Day tomorrow...

Tomorrow is my last day.  It is definitely a sad but happy time.  I'm glad to move on to a new job and learn new things, meet new people and have a new adventure.  I'm not glad to be leaving my friends at my current job.  I'm also sort of sad that I didn't get to finish off two projects that I think are really important.  I'm trying to let that go....

This week has been very interesting for me.  I've been letting people know I'm leaving.  It's been amazing to hear from some people.  I got several very general congratulatory emails. Then I get emails like from the one regional person I've worked with a lot.  She emailed me today with a sweet and complimentary note.  It almost made me regret my decision.  I also spoke with another regional person who was very upset I was leaving.  He also was quite complimentary about the work I've done.  It was great to hear that the work I've put in and the ideas I've put forward have been noticed and appreciated.

I have my exit interview tomorrow.  I'm half hoping I don't get asked two questions - why I'm leaving and what they could have done to keep me.  I know the answers - the question becomes do I want to share the answers.  Being a very blunt and straight forward person I will in all likelihood share the answers but I am trying to think of a tactful way of doing it.

Why I'm leaving is 85% health (handicapped unfriendly environment compared with handicapped friendly environment), 10% need for something new, 5% lack of say in what is produced.  This is the hardest part for me.  I like the people I work with but some of them can be a bit disparaging.  When I put forth an idea or even produce something, it would be severely criticized.  That has increased a lot in the last few months.  This makes it very difficult to have a positive attitude towards work.

What could they have done to keep me - well once I got to a point where I could see a better place for me, not a lot.  Had they helped more with the handicap issue, offered me more money, given me a bit more control in output on certain projects - I might have thought less about leaving and more about staying... though I can't say for certain that I would have ...

Tomorrow will be emotional I'm sure... but then I will have the weekend to rest, relax and shift pace... before I start my new job....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Last Monday at the job...

Well today was my last Monday at my current job.  I went to work worried I would not get everything done that I wanted to.  I kinda stressed over it.  I had a list (when don't I?) and a plan for tackling the tasks I needed to get done. 

I got to work and the plan went right out the window.  There were so many things that distracted me and I got off my game.  Then I sat down, plugged in my head phones and started an audio book.  While listening to this audio book (First Test by Tamora Pierce), I worked on the tasks at hand. 

My day FLEW by.  I looked up, realized it was after 1:00, and I hadn't taken lunch.  I was astounded.  So I took lunch and was going to read the physical book I had in my bag - nope.  Listened to the audio book while I ate. 

After lunch I continued listening to the book and next thing I know it's nearly 3:30 and I'm done with proposals.  It's time to move on to the next task.  I don't want to though because the next task isn't conducive to listening to my book. 

When I left for the day, I didn't want to stop listening.  This book was engaging and fun.  It made my day just fly by and allowed me to settle into the work without worrying about the clock.  It is a young adult fantasy book and I'm really enjoying it. 

Tomorrow, I want to finish the book but the tasks on the top of my list aren't conducive to listening to a book.  I guess I'll have to see if I get to tasks that are... or maybe I'll get distracted again... One can only hope!!! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Outside work...

Why is it women's work is supposed to keep us confined to the indoors?  I don't like indoors work - never have and probably never will.  I don't mind cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry (especially if I can hang my clothes outside on a great summer breeze).  Other inside work just sucks. 

Ken and I just split some wood.  I stood and did the splitting.  Before anyone thinks wow she must have some great upper body strength - we have a log splitter.  I filled up wheel barrows with split wood and he hauled it to the backyard and stacked it. 

I really LOVED being out in the autumn cool weather, getting the wood split, and working with him.  I know that may seem strange to all the women who do housework and hate the possibility that they might break a nail.  I guess I'm strange.  The smell of the wood was soothing and comforting.  The knowledge that this wood would bring many wonderful times by the fireplace makes the job go easier. 

Chaos before Order

We've been doing a lot of reorganizing and rearranging in order to make things more to our liking in our house.  One thing I've decided is that you go from a sense of order to complete chaos and disruption before you can gain a better sense of order.  We've been working on our office for a while.  We had reached a state of well balance - the chaos had been conquered a bit but we weren't quite done with the office.  Now we've taken one more step in getting it arranged the way we want it and we are living in a touch of chaos once again.  Honestly - I got sick of waiting for this project to move forward so I took matters into my own hands and shifted things around. 

I confess I'm the one who creates the chaos.  I'm the one who gets fed up with things not working and make changes.  I pull things out, get the big things where I want them... then start on the details of things.  I'm the one who says - this room / arrangement isn't working.  I suggest and offer solutions.  Then Ken ends up implementing most of them.  Part of this is because I have limitations on what I can do and part of it is because he doesn't like me to do certain things.  Sometimes he just shakes his head at me in dispair. 

Back at the Grindstone

With nine days off, you would think I got a lot accomplished.  I did when it comes to spending time with my girls but off my to-do list?  No...