Saturday, October 6, 2018

Crochet Weekend

Today is going to be a crochet day.  I think I have three episodes of Midsomer Murders left so I'll probably finish off those while I work on crocheting.  My goal this weekend is to finish some socks and work on a blanket.  If I manage to finish all of those, I'll look again at the list of themes for the publication I submit to.

It's going to be a rough day for me.  I've had very little sleep though I did turn in early (especially for me).  I woke up at 1:45 and haven't really been back to sleep since.  I see a nap in my future.

Once I get these projects done, I do want to look at the themes and see what I come up with for other crochet projects I can submit for consideration.  Since I've been finishing up Wayfarer Resolve, I've not looked at them in a couple weeks.

Now Wayfarer Resolve is done, I'm working on rereading a manuscript I was working on.  I'm hoping I can finish it.  I'm also in prep mode for the reader event next month - holy mackerel it four weeks from today!  This weekend I want to do an inventory of books so I can order any I may need for the event.

I've got a couple crochet patterns I want to work on so I can publish them as well.  This is mostly getting them in the right format and then once I publish put them post them on Ravelry as well.

Well I'm off to work on slipper socks.  Since it's gray and gloomy outside, it's a perfect day to stay inside and crochet.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wayfarer Resolve

Wayfarer Resolve is finally done!  In this final installation of Wayfarers, Decker and Adara face an attack on their homeworlds as well as on their children. A clan member from Phelan’s clan attacks Addy and Zoe while Adara and Decker deal with riots and attacks on the home world. Phelan’s clan member is at fault. Will this break down the clans? 

This is available in on Amazon, Smashwords and other sites.

For more information on what I'm up to writing and publishing check out my web site 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Entitled? Really?

I've encountered a couple of people recently who seem to think they are entitled to certain things in life.  I know these people.  They weren't raised to think this way - they were raised with the idea that you worked hard to get what you wanted in life.  Their attitude and their arrogance surprise me because I thought better of them.

Now before people jump in to say - oh the millenials - nope not that age group - older than me.  So definitely baby boomers.

What I want to know is how do you go from a life of - work hard to achieve to gimme.  I mean I know when I took my kids to the store and they started the gimme crap, I'd tell them anyone who did that didn't get what they wanted.  These people were raised with the same common sense.

What changed them to move from having common sense to being completely clueless?  I don't know but it is hard to have compassion for someone who has the attitude that life owes them everything.

Ironically, both people are not in good places in their lives.  Yes, they've worked hard.  I can't judge their choices but one opted out of working for a number of years and can't understand why she has so little of what she wants.  The other has pushed away everyone in their lives but now when they need help, they expect that helping hand to be right there.

I hate cliches but you reap what you sow comes to mind.  If you put nothing into something, you obviously will get nothing back.  If you work hard and put effort into things, you'll hopefully get something back.  It's still not guaranteed.

To the people who feel like they're entitled to ... well you fill in the blank, I say, GROW UP.  I feel like some tough love and a reality check are in need.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bulging To Do List

I've been working on a story almost non-stop for several months.  I like how it's developing.  I like how it changed from what I thought it was going to be.  It was flowing nicely and then life got complicated.

As is usually the case, my brain can only handle so many tasks and then it rebels.  In this case, every time I open my document, I read through, do edits, and come to the end.  I may write a paragraph or two or even as much as a scene but then blank.  The problem - so many things on my to do list.

I separate my life into segments.  There's the business of writing which involves marketing, prepping for publication, creating covers, and so on; writing; crocheting; editing (paid or for myself) and then other.  Obviously I'm not including personal here because that is always ongoing. 

My process is always affected by how much I have going on in these sectors.  I can write and write and write until I have three or four or more manuscripts waiting to be edited.  There's a tipping point.  I think the most I had at one point was six.  Then I switch from writing (incessantly) to editing.  Some of these things go on no matter what - like the marketing.  I try to do some every day.  At the same time I'm looking at crocheting as well.  I want to do a sale in December but I'm trying to judge whether I will have enough time to make enough for a sale or not.  Then the question becomes would my books draw enough money to make a profit after I pay for the table.  Initially I was thinking of having both my books and my crocheting but I am not sure at this point.  I feel I need to make a decision soon.

The only way that decision is going to get made is if I get a couple of my current crochet projects done and off my plate.  This would mean a few nights a week I would devote to crocheting items for the sale.  Part of the problem is I don't know how much and what to make.  I'd rather have too much than too little.  So many things rolling around in my head.

Right now, I'm trying to focus on getting stuff done.  I had stalled on one item I was working on because I didn't like the options I had for part of the project.  Last night I figured out what I liked and wanted.  Now I have to check to make sure the end user will like it as well.  Then it's a matter of finishing that part and figuring out one more part.  Once it's done, I need to take pictures and send it off for submission to a publication.  I'm hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow night.  Then I'm back on the blanket I've been working on.

I've got a book I've been keeping track of things in.  I realized I wasn't carrying it and it was causing problems because I wasn't keeping up with things.  It is now back in my backpack to help keep me on track - I hope. 

I finished a read through on Wayfarer Resolve - which I wanted published in August but it wasn't ready.  I want to wait a day or three to let it settle, then I will do one more read through before I work on publishing.  I'm hoping before the end of September at this point. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

New Pages and Other News

If you have been here before, you'll notice new pages.  There is a page for interviews.  I've got my first one posted featuring Lauren Alder.  I've got another one ready (or nearly) for the next interview.  I've got feelers out to authors.  If you are an author or an editor or even a publisher, contact me to do an interview.  I want to feature people in writing and publishing.

I had a lovely blog tour and am happy with the results.  Because of that, I've signed up to try featuring blog tours on here.  I'm going to see how it goes.  I'm being selective because I'm busy and don't want to overload myself.  You should totally check out the blog tour page.  There's a giveaway that goes with it.

This weekend has been busy with errands and other craziness.  I'm working on two crochet projects to get them ready to submit for publication.  I've been working on Wayfarer Resolve.  I got a round of editing done but again, lots of changes in it so I'm probably going to do a read through only on it before I start publishing.  I'm pleased with it but I've made a lot of changes to it so it needs another read.

I've got a list of crochet projects to get done for custom orders.  I have the yarn, I just need the time to get the work done.  They are on my list.

I've been busy with paid editing and some freelance work.  This always shoves my work to the side but the freelance work is done (I think) and the paid editing is on a pause.  It's time for me to get things done for me.  I have a long list (when don't I?) which includes publishing crochet patterns.

One thing I want to add to my list is a look at hashtags and how to use them.  I've never really understood them but a fellow author recommended using them in instagram.  I discovered in short order how effective they are.

Today I'm going to work on posting some more stuff but then I will be hitting the recliner to finish (I hope) a project for submission and work on either another submission or some of my requests.  Though there is a particular skein of yarn which is calling to me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Feeling My Age

More often than not, I love the age I am.  I'm not one of those people who gets freaked out because I'm turning whatever age.  I've earned my age.  I enjoy who I am now. 

However, Friday night I spent the night doing nine tarot readings and with a lovely group of women.  We read tarot, talked, ate and in general had a good time.  At the same time, I didn't get home until 6:30 in the morning.  I felt every day of my age on Saturday. 

Exhaustion doesn't describe how I felt after spending 24 hours awake.  Rarely do I lay down and fall instantly asleep but I did on Saturday.  I had plans for the day but they went out the door because I spent the morning sleeping. 

It seems like it was a weekend for lack of sleep and the week has started out this way as well.  It doesn't help that last week I had to walk down a flight of stairs so every time I went to sleep, I'd wake up with pain in my legs. 

I'm feeling a bit sleep deprived.  This means I'm less productive.  Last night I wanted to continue editing Wayfarer Resolve or work on the crochet project I need to get in the mail.  I couldn't do either.  My brain said enough.  Instead I spent the evening messaging with a couple of writer friends until I crashed and slept. 

I'm starting to feel less sleep deprived so hopefully tonight I can be more productive.  I need to get the pattern done and in the mail so that will be my focus.  After that I'm back to Wayfarer Resolve.  This novel is being grumbly and difficult.  I'll keep working on it and hope I can get it out this month (not holding my breath). 

Between paying bills for us and my mom, running errands, and doing work in our house, my time for writing / publishing has dwindled.  I'm going to carve out time because I'm feeling very grumpy about the lack of time I have.  This is more of the balancing out of all aspects of my life. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Medical Crap

In May I had an upper respiratory and sinus infection.  I was a mess.  Going to the doctor was helpful and yet damn frustrating.  We disagreed on which antibiotic would be best.

Normally I stand up for myself and don't back down.  I was sick.  I told the doctor if he gave me zpack I needed three rounds.  He told me if one round didn't clear it - it was viral and I'd just have to wait for it to clear.

I get sinus infections all the time.  Up until last year when I had surgery, I got them several times a year.  I KNOW what works.  I'm allergic to tons of drugs and the world in general.  I KNOW what works for me.  But okay - it's viral.

All summer I had sinus issues.  Not just allergy issues but yucky gross sinus infection issues.  If you've had one, you know what I'm talking about.  If you've not had one, you don't want to know.

I had enough three weeks ago.  Called my GP (yup same doc from May) and got in.  Yup - you have a sinus infection.  I tell him the same thing.  He says - no I want to put you on a different drug - ciprio... something.  I say - is it on my list of ones I'm allergic to?  He said well if you can take Levaquin you can take this.  This isn't necessarily true.  I argue big time with him.  I object and ask a lot of questions.  He's firm.  He won't do the Levaquin (which I'm probably spelling wrong).

I'm allergic to a lot of drugs including amoxicillin, penicillin, and a bunch of other ones.  Hell the zpack I can take I can only take the smaller dose.  The minute they put me on a stronger dose I have serious issues with it.  I don't take new drugs until the weekend in order to have someone be around when I take them just in case and if I do have a reaction - I have a couple days to get over it.

So Monday I'm at the doctor and he prescribes this new drug.  Great - no relief for five fucking days.  If you've had a sinus infection....  So Saturday I take the new drug - no side effects - yeah.  But also no relief from the symptoms.  Even after taking it for a few days I get no relief.  I'm pissed at this point.  My head hurts so much to just touch my nose gently feels like I'm getting a fist slammed into my face.

I call my GP.  I tell him.  I ask him to please prescribe the Levaquin.  His answer - nope go to the ENT.  Well fuck you very much.  I'm in tears.  My head hurts so much I think it would be a relief if it exploded.  I call my ENT (who I adore - he did my surgery).  The woman on the desk says the earliest appointment is the following Monday (i.e. yesterday)  I go to my ENT.  He does his exam.  He says - you have a sinus infection.  Yup knew that.  I tell him what I've been through, he says the ciprio.. whatever isn't good for chronic sinus infections - well fuck.  He gives me a prescription for Levaquin.

I've now had two doses and some of my symptoms are easing and I'm starting to feel better.  Now the thing that really pisses me off - I paid $55 in co-pays and whatever the three damn prescriptions cost.  Money doesn't exactly grow on trees for me.  This should have been a $15 co-pay for the initial visit and then whatever the RIGHT prescription would have cost me.

It might be time for a new GP.  I'm not sure anyone else is any better but ... damn it... it might be time to switch.  

Crochet Weekend

Today is going to be a crochet day.  I think I have three episodes of Midsomer Murders left so I'll probably finish off those while ...